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A puja room or a mandap is an essential part of the Indian household. It’s a sacred space where people go to offer prayers, worship deities and find peace. Though the idea of this area is to find a few moments away from the materialistic world of moh and maaya, a beautiful and positive environment is required to enter our inner world. A way to uplift the spirits of your puja room without spending too much is to transform its doors. With fuss free wall decals and stickers elevate the doors for puja room with WallDesign.

Wall Stickers for your home

Borders that don’t limit your horizons

Borders are the most versatile and safe option when it comes to home décor.  Using borders on and around a door is a great way to reinforce its charm without altering much of its current look. WallDesign brings a plethora of options in terms of border patterns.

Floral patterns for a traditional look

Borders with floral patterns enhance the traditional style of a puja room. As flowers like marigold and lotus have a great significance in Hindu mythology, try to incorporate them with border stickers.

WallDesign Blog - Floral Patterns for a traditional look

Floral patterns add authentic flavor to a puja room

Geometrical patterns for a contemporary touch

If you want to add a contemporary touch to the puja room opt for borders with geometrical patterns. These not only look elegant but also add an edgy flavor to your sacred space.

WallDesign Blog - Geometrical Patterns for a contemporary touch

Geometrical patterns bring an eclectic edge to your puja room

Rangolis that never fade away

Rangolis are considered to be auspicious in India. There was a time when rangoli making was not limited to occasions like Diwali or marriages. They would be made every day after cleaning the house. Today because of hectic schedules there is not so much time for it. WallDesign offers a variety of rangoli stickers which not only add an authentic flavor to the puja room but also attract a lot of positivity into the house. Give a feeling of eternity with WallDesign rangoli designs that stay with you and don’t fade away.

Rangolis that never fade away

Rangoli stickers pep up the puja room and are hassle free

Add minimalistic designs to heavy wooden doors

If the door of the puja room is made of heavy wood and has intricate carvings, it’s better to retain its old whole charm and go for minimalistic designs.

Add minimalistic designs to heavy wooden doors

Symbolic stickers like the one with bells add depth to the place

Since most of these wooden doors are in shades of brown, a WallDesign sticker with symbols in shades of gold or copper will add a classy touch to it.

Let the light flow with sensational cuts in frost films

In case the doors of the puja room are made of glass, you can give a modern vibe by choosing frost films. Simply cut frost films ensure vibrancy and cater elegance to the glass surface.

WallDesign Blog - Let the light flow with sensational cuts in frost films

Floral cuts on frost films reiterate the importance of flowers in Hindu mythology

As frost films are translucent in nature they filter the light that is entering through the doors and this is how the puja room glows when you light it up at night.

Wall Stickers for your home

Ganesha cut on frost film has simplicity in its design but a deep meaning

Go bold with glass doors

 If you want to revamp the glass door completely, opt for full-length door sized stickers. Such adhesive decor can be made from pictures, prints of idols, religious symbols or can have your favorite prayers and spiritual quotes written on them. These stickers can often add opacity to the door but they certainly lift up the glam quotient of the room.

WallDesign Blog - Go Bold with Glass Doors

Make your own statement with full length door stickers

Give your puja room the attention it deserves. Experiment with its décor, adorn its doors and welcome the Gods to knock on its threshold.

For every corner that is divine; look no further than WallDesign.


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