Branch of love Bedroom4 sticker
Branch of love Bedroom4 sticker
Branch of love Bedroom6 decal
Branch of love Living2 room sticker
WDCUVNTN0013_Branch of love Bedroom decal

Branch of love Wall Sticker


WDCUVNTN0013 Branch of love left Swatch
WDCUVNTN0013 Branch of love Right Swatch

Nice branch popping out of a corner of your room creates a nice shadow/silhouette effect of nature on your wall.

This branch decal sticker kit will span5.5 feet in width and 3.5ft height.

You have two options of orientation: a left corner branch will suit a wall where the branch originates from the left corner of the wall and branches towards the right. Similary a right corner branch suits for arranging the branch on the right hand side corner of the wall.

You can place this on your wall, wardrobe, or even your glass windows. Contact us for instructions to stick on wardrobe or glass surfaces.
4 options available. In the ‘Leave a note to seller’ field do specify the colour as per the below options-
Option 1: Magenta leaves & birds_left corner branch
Option 2: Orange leaves & birds_right corner branch
Option 3: Magenta leaves & birds_right corner branch
Option 4: Orange leaves & birds_left corner branch
If no option is mentioned, you will receive the default colour/size.

• Colour Matte Vinyl Stickers with detailed crisp edges
• Elegant after-effect – looks like design(s) painted on the wall
• Instant ‘wow’ decorating & Fun activity
• Decal can be peeled – no sticky residue – but NOT Reusable
• Long lasting for 3 years minimum
• Our decals can be used on slightly textured walls
• We can do custom design requests. If you have an idea of a custom design, contact us!
• EASY Step-by-step graphic instructions included!

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