Minoo Bathroom sticker
Minoo Bathroom sticker
Minoo Bathroom2 decal
Minoo Bathroom3 sticker
Minoo Bathroom4 decal

Minoo Wall Sticker



Fancy up your gadget or shelf with a cute smiley like this.

• Colour Matte Vinyl Stickers with detailed crisp edges
• Elegant after-effect – looks like design(s) painted on the wall
• Instant ‘wow’ decorating & Fun activity
• Decal can be peeled – no sticky residue – but NOT Reusable
• Long lasting for 3 years minimum
• Our decals can be used on slightly textured walls
• We can do custom design requests. If you have an idea of a custom design, contact us!
• EASY Step-by-step graphic instructions included!

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Minoo Bathroom sticker

Minoo Sticker

New ideas that makes decor easy . Makes it look attractive – Product Review on Snapdeal

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