Photo Silhouette Sketch Wall Sticker - create the perfect space for boys room behind his bed

Photo Silhouette Sketch Wall Sticker


WDPCAMPI0029 Photo Silhouette Black Swatch
WDPCAMPI0029 Photo Silhouette Blue Midnight Swatch
WDPCAMPI0029 Photo Silhouette Chocolate Brown Swatch

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This photo decal can create a silhouette sketch effect from a real photo. The sketch effect gives a hand-drawn feeling to the wall and helps to personalize your bedroom or kid’s room/living room.
A great photo gift to create the special place in your home that your child will love. An anniversary gift for the bedroom or living room too.

Receive a photo silhouette printed on a sticker that is clearer and larger than a wooden engraving or crystal glass etching. The larger sizes give a personalized ambiance to a room.

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