WDC01006 Urban Buddha Copper L room decal

Urban Buddha Wall Sticker



This Buddha sticker will enlighten your car. Travel with your car and go places with a truly peaceful and creative design. Shown in this design is Buddha with shadow lines giving an urban look to the design.

The size of the design is 10 inch in height suitable for all cars rear glass sizes.

About the material:

  • High end vinyl with a removable adhesive – outdoor quality – all-weather
  • Will not spoil (leave adhesive marks) on glass / metal when you want to change the design in the future
  • Superior image and design quality giving a grand look to your car.
  • Metallic colours give nice gradient when light passes or reflects on the sticker.
  • Will not interfere with driver’s rear view visibility
  • Easy DIY instructions for sticking given along with the product
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WDC01006 Urban Buddha GreyDark L room sticker

Urban Buddha Wall Sticker

The product build was really good and they gave a very clear document how to install it . it was so easy and help full – Product Review on Flipkart

Barath Raam Jan
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