45 Vinyl Decal Ideas To Add Fun To Your White Goods & Home Appliances!

White goods can now shimmer with fun colors thanks to vinyl wraps and stickers! Choose from an extensive range of WallDesign stickers to custom design the look of white goods and appliances. Make artful creations at home with Vinyl surface decoration. These do-it-yourself graphic stickers are easy to install and hassle-free in maintenance.

Give your white goods shades of your favourite colours with vinyl wraps

Wondering how to give your fridge a facelift? So easy now! Vinyl wrap is a complete covering of the surface- hence the entire look of the good is bound to change. Unlike a decal, you can really play with the printed image and reinvent entirely the surface of your white goods.

Vinyl wraps with fruits and vegetables printed on them can be ideal for the kitchen.

Large fruit graphics are more about the tones of colors that radiate. For instance, a vinyl wrap with large bananas is in shades of yellow. Pomegranates or cherries or tomatoes will have reddish colour as the dominant shade. Select the graphic print to complement the colours of the room and beautify your space.

Use a trompe-l’oeil graphic, and transform common objects into a optical illusion

Let the fridge look like a vending machine in a office space, this idea might sound fascinating. If you are a fan of a soft drink or a beer, this becomes possible with a customized fridge wrap.

Notice how the colors pop-out as a background in the kitchen. Choose the ideal vinyl wrap for your kitchen from bright colours to earthy shades and modern styles to vintage themes.

Wrap the front door of the fridge and enjoy the classy look.

A cool urban graffiti on a vinyl wrap for a fridge door gives a powerful trendy look. Not only fridges, you can try vinyl wraps for the washing machines as well. Notice how the bulky look of the machine reduces thanks to the printed vinyl graphics.

You have the option of covering the front facing side of the washing machine.

Give the effect of texture on to your microwave with a printed pattern!

Refresh your white goods with hi-quality material that do not spoil the appliance

WallDesign vinyl prints are always laminated with a protective and durable transparent film. Hence the graphic do not fade and last many years. Once applied to the white good and you can clean it with a wet cloth over and over again. The vinyl used for the wrap is of high quality and meant for covering surfaces without damaging it. When you want to remove the wrap, it will be easy and there will not be any adhesive residue left behind on the body.

Wash away the monotony with WallDesign decals

Another way of customizing white goods is by using vinyl stickers that partially cover the body of home appliances. Such decorative elements gives the look of being a built-in design. You can customise the shape, size, colour depending on the part of the body you are making the sticker for.

You can use an intricate pattern to cover the front or lower part of the goods and give it a chic look!

Floral and swirl designs provide an effect of movement, lending the goods a dynamic feel.

A two-color decal such as this peacock feather sticker can enhance the beauty of the white good. The bright blue and black colors look outstanding on the white color body background!

The fridge is like a temple of food for which we should be thankful. Would you like to invoke God’s protection? WallDesign has a good collection of spiritual decals for the very same purpose.

Spiritual stickers can bring respect and a feeling of contentment in your home.

Refurbish your white goods with vinyl skin graphics & refresh your living space

Plain coloured white goods from small to large appliances can now become a canvas for your creativity. Let WallDesign be your design consultant for a colorful & fun makeover of your white goods!

Owning certain goods come with a sense of pride. But over the years, one is bound to feel a need to redesign the appearance of the goods without having to replace them completely. That’s when WallDesign’s vinyl wraps and skins come handy! You can now refurbish your white goods and be assured to refresh your living space.