40 Ways To Discover Life Anew With WallDesign’s Tree Wall Stickers & Printed Decal

‘We remember moments, not days’ it is said. Trees can help you renew fond memories: a soul-stirring contemplation under the shade of a tree, birthday bashes, a soothing nap etc. WallDesign’s tree stickers can help you recreate such cherished memories.

If you are clinging on to these special moments of the past, then give them some space to become intertwined with your present. Refurbish the plain walls of your home according to the ambience of your choice with a range of special WallDesign tree stickers!

Ambience Beach With Palm Trees Decal

Thinking of the good old times spent at the beach? The sun-kissed sands, the roaring blue waves, …Definitely the tall palm trees are sure to fill you with a feeling of nostalgia.

Ambience beach with shadow palm trees decal

No Time To Go To The Beach?

Then time to install WallDesign’s Queen PalmTree wall decal on your living room to let some sunshine into your life! This tree with its typical brown and green colours would look incredibly stunning on a light shaded wall. If your living room has a high window, the decal will look more realistic with the sun beams seeping in through the leaves.

Ambience beach with realistic palm trees

Ambience Forest With Multiple Tall Tree Wall Sticker

Fill your bedroom with elegance! Create a backdrop of a forest on your bedroom walls. Imagine waking up to the sounds of twittering birds! If you’re the kind of person who loves trees for the chirpy birds that come and sit on them, then these WallDesign tree stickers are sure to delight you.

Ambience forest with multiple colorful tall trees
Ambience forest with multiple tall trees

This forest decal features silhouettes of black tall trees with no leaves, which would be striking on a light brown colour painted wall. Experience the resurgence of autumn with the proper lighting and complementary furniture. Since the trees are pretty tall, your bedroom should preferably have a high ceiling. Having multiple branches highlight the intricacies of a forest.This will truly breathe an air of panache into your bedroom walls!

Ambience forest with dark tall trees

A change in perspective can truly alter our notions of everything. ‘Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear’ is a familiar warning. Use the same principle of convexity onto the walls: farther trees are made to appear smaller; Colored in lighter shades than the rest of the trees enhance the feeling of depth.

Change your perspective with our tree decals

Ambience Tropical With Bamboo Tree Wall Stickers

Do you often feel awestruck by the tall and dense bamboo forests? Actually a bamboo forest can create ripples of peace within, with the lush greenery and colorful wildlife.

If you’d love to bring an ambience of bamboo forests into your living space, WallDesign provides luxuriant options to choose from!

Ambience tropical with bamboo trees

‘Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all’ goes the saying. Break the monotony of your life by spicing it up with a little creativity and adventure. WallDesign’s tree decals are sure to sprinkle both into the boredom of your everyday life!