Top 40 Tree Wall Stickers To Enrich Your Toddler’s Imagination With WallDesign

Children never cease to surprise adults with their bubbling innocence and vivid imagination. They live in a world of their own making, colored by creativity and laughter. Nursery rhymes and fairy tales is not always handy to handle kids at bedtime. Parents try various tactics to keep them engaged and bedtime can be an especially restless time.

How can you bring a smile for your kid at the end of the day?

Select a WallDesign tree decal that inspires tales

Engage your toddler’s creative imagination with WallDesign’s colorful tree decals. Choose an elegant design in their room to fall asleep in peace. Parents, see your little one dream up stories, as these kids’ trees can open up their imagination!

WallDesign tree wall stickers for toddler’s room is a pleasant alternative to a “happily-ever-after” fairy tale or a cartoon wallpaper.

Talk about a bird swinging and making the leaves fall down due to its awkward singing for a change. Or how about a monkey trying to sneak into your kid’s bed?

This wall sticker features tall dark-gray colored birch trees with cute blue owls and birds on its branches. This decal will look terrific, make the wall ‘stand out’. With some soft lighting in the room, your toddler will love the idea of being ‘looked after’ by the little characters on the wall.

Let children dream with colorful leaves

Tiny tots are fascinated by colors. But when it comes to homework, they are usually restless. To help them keep focus on their homework, you can try these colorful tree decals near your little one’s study table.

Capture your kid’s attention to the colors on a tree. These WallDesign decals are also suitable for primary schools and children’s areas in public spaces. Do not get completely carried away by introducing too many color schemes in the room.

Let your children dream with colorful leaves
Let your little boys dream with colorful leaves

Delight your child by using their favourite colours in the design of the branches and leaves. This WallDesign tree decal features a mix of bright pink and light pink colored leaves & flowers that look stunning on a light painted wall. Complement the tree design colours matching with the furnishing and wall colours. You may also integrate the design with showpieces and shelves.

Blow a touch of fantasy into your little one’s bedroom with mystical characters. If she loves the world of fairies, wands and magic, add them to the mix. She is going to be ‘spell-bound’ by adorable pink flowers stickers blown away (stickered) on the wall.

Revamp the bedroom into a jungle/nature path using many tree wall stickers!

The jungle is a place filled with adventure. Kids love the adventure of going into a forest, zoo or a nature park. They love the dense canopies, wild animals and even an occasional roar of a fiery beast! If your kid is a nature-lover he or she will enjoy getting to see a miniature version of a jungle in his/her bedroom.

Revamp your girl bedroom into a jungle/nature path using multiple tree decals!
Revamp your boy bedroom into a jungle/nature path using multiple tree decals!

‘Child is the father of man’. Your little one can give you insight on life, when you least expect it. So indulge in some fun and frolic ideas for decorating your loved ones room. Let their imagination blossom and sweet memories form with picturesque tree wall stickers!