40 Exquisite Vinyl Décor Ideas For The Specialized Spa India

Whether it is a zen spa, a health club or a traditional ayurvedic spa, set the mood for relaxation and tranquillity with WallDesign. Create unique and jaw-dropping themes using WallDesign wall and glass stickers.

Premium specialized spas are dotting the urban landscape to combat the stress caused by concrete jungles. The range of services offered by such spas can be limited and exclusive or they may extend to other beauty services such as laser treatment, body-shaping, etc. Hence, it is important to develop a synchronized theme across the spa, while delineating the various sections. WallDesign proposes a range of decals that spread peace around the space. Welcome your customers and let them be delighted.

Channel Your Customers With Wall Quotes

Along with the spa’s name, announce your motto via quotes decal. Direct all attention to a single quote decal on the wall, providing an imposing and effective branding. Use WallDesign quotes decals on the walls of the reception area or at the front door of the specialized spa to attract customers.

Channel Your Customers With Wall Quotes

Apply A Recurrent Theme For A Peaceful Ambiance

The most popular and calming atmospheres involve the serene Zen graphic themes. Associated with peace and tranquillity, these visuals invite to rest assured.

A placid decal of the buddha attaining boddhisattva (enlightenment) under the tree will immediately transport your customers to a soothing place. Placed near the reception as a long black decal to accentuate a bare wall, it allows demarcating areas.

Let the spa be an abode of serenity with Buddha

The elaborate floral cuts reflect excellent craftsmanship and exude a wealthy escape from urban struggles. Create fantastic borders that give a regal and ornamental look. Lotus decals also add to the zen theme. A lotus symbolizes peace, tranquility, and beauty. Use this element in varying styles of graphics, from ethnic Indian to abstract in order to create a relaxing zone.

WallDesign Zen decals, with their tranquil visual elements, will help your clients find their inner peace.

Paisley motifs and floral designs to keep continuity across the area

Thematize The Massage Room With Nature Wall Sticker

The massage rooms need to be intimate, private and comforting, so that the client is completely at ease, yet it remains a professional space. Combined with soothing lighting and a gentle color theme, wall stickers can really create an aura of serenity in the room. Make your massage rooms welcoming with intricate ethnic designs and water graphics. Unwind under the beauty of branches with WallDesign. Cherry blossoms and flying birds add a sense of movement and hope to the room.

WallDesign branches are perfect to place along the upper side of the wall above the bedding area.

Groom”Ing The Bride

With flamboyant Indian wedding season around the corner, you might want to perk up the ambiance of your specialized spa for brides and grooms to be. Complement the recurrent theme with WallDesign stickers that invite clients to try out your grooming services for a wedding. Show that you completely pamper your clients. Use WallDesign decals with bridal hints as a tribute to your special clients.

You can also select posters of your choice, and WallDesign can digitally print these visuals on a matt media that is absolutely effortless for you to paste.

Reflect the personalized bridal services with floral and ornate decals

Sparkle The Nail Salon

Posh nail salons and innovative nail art are hugely popular. Capitalize on this trend with a nail salon section in your spa. Demarcate the space with pretty and gorgeous wall stickers such as these:

If you have an exclusive nail salon, use a relaxing white decal on the front door to attract customers and dole out some information. Easy to apply and long-lasting, WallDesign vinyl decals will stand the heat and rains just like your amazing nail art. Combine images of gorgeous nails with witty word stickers to create the perfect ambiance for a flawless experience.

Let us make your wall art as creative as your nail art.

Indulge with WallDesign decals to exude the services and the specialty of the exclusive spa. Enrich the ambiance and experience of your customers. Make smart choices revamping your interiors with WallDesign.