Get Ready For Sweet Surprises With 30+ Utility Stickers Ideas From WallDesign!

WallDesign stickers come with great utility value, while adding aesthetics into your living space. They can help you with tasks like saving energy and will bring a smile to your face. What’s more, they come with easy installation as well!

If you are among those who question the purpose of wall decals, think again! WallDesign has got amazing decoration ideas that are multi-purpose in nature. Along with adding a fantastic look to your interiors, word quotes stickers inspires you and family members to notice them and act on it. Bring on the fun into your daily life.

Turn on the energy-saving mode with funny Switch board stickers

Kids learn at school about the importance of conserving energy. At home they still forget to switch off lights, fans, and other electronic appliances, when not in use. When the electricity bill comes, it sends waves of shock across the house, but the kids shrug off the responsibility.

The good news is that one can train kids about the issue without throwing tantrums! Tell your children that their favorite fairy is watching over the proper handling of energy and see how their behavior changes.

WallDesign brings you the best of such illustrations in the form of vinyl stickers.
WallDesign also provides vinyl stickers with sayings and taglines. Be assured to strike your child’s fancy.
Installing stickers with your kids’ favorite TV characters can add to the fun factor.

Goofy Stickers For The Bathroom

Don’t let your bathrooms feel ignored, as they are often on the list of most interior designing lists. Go for funny sayings to add a dose of humor to the bathroom space.

Or simply use polite reminders:
The flush tank is am empty place you may use to install fun stickers. Smiley faces are always a treat to the beholder!

Handle with a smile

Heartwarming stickers can be fixed on doorknobs, handles, and pulls. Before installing WallDesign mini stickers, ensure that the handles have a plain and clean surface.

Notice how the mini stickers blend in nicely with the surface to create a stunning look.

The intricate black design stands out against a silver knob. The blue on the wings of the butterfly gel in well with the peacock blue handle!

Decals serve a great many purposes these days. They can used in place of wordy instructions. Even a tiny space like the doorknob can become objects of beauty with the right decal. Let the multi-purpose WallDesign stickers delight you!