Top 30 Kids Room Design Ideas For Boys Using Wall Stickers & Printed Decal

Hone Your Boy Tween’S True Passion With Walldesign Decals And Printed Wallpapers!

A boy tween may have a multitude of interests. As a parent, you can always step in to let him discover his true potential. To inspire your boy to pursue his dreams, you have WallDesign by your side. Chalk out his passion in the form of wall stickers for his room!

A plethora of opportunities awaits the tween in your home. It is also the time when most find their true calling. As a parent, you can facilitate the process by giving their rooms a fine makeover as per their passion. WallDesign brings you a host of DIY ideas to help you in this endeavor.

Pursue Wanderlust With City Stickers

Does your tween enjoy traveling? If so it’s time to revamp their rooms to reflect this passion. WallDesign brings you the best of printed wallpapers featuring cityscapes that are sure to win the hearts of the globetrotter in your home! Such colorful graphics feature towering skyscrapers that are a hallmark of most modern cities. You can try installing this covering on the wall facing the entrance to give the entire room the bustle of a city!

Pursue wanderlust with city stickers

If your tween is a fan of Namma Chennai, then this decal featuring an amalgamation of various historic monuments of Chennai will be a terrific choice.

Play Games Like A Pro-Inspired By Sports Stickers

All work and no play makes every tween a dull Jack. If your boy is into sports, time for you to create the right ambiance with sports stickers from WallDesign. We’ve to go the right sticker for your budding footballer or cricket player.

Play games like a pro-inspired by sports stickers

Get The Tunes Right With Music Stickers From Walldesign

Music is one of the timeless ways of expressing one’s personality. Music transcends all barriers and can bring about harmony into our lives. Do you find a rockstar in the making in your child? What better way to encourage him or her than by decorating their rooms with music inspired decals from WallDesign!

Get the tunes right with music stickers from WallDesign

The wires from the headphone get tied up to form the word “MUSIC” in this innovative decal. You can opt to install this decal near the stereo system of your child.

This decal has a guitar from which arise musical notes.

Go Vroom With Car And Bike Stickers

If your boy is an avid automobile enthusiast, bike and car stickers from WallDesign will be a smashing hit with him! Just ensure the wall you choose is at a prominent spot in his room and that will definitely give a hint of his interest.

Go vroom with car and bike stickers

Tweens are at the threshold of becoming young adults. Yet they are still kids in some ways. Paradoxical as it may seem, a lot of the confusion disappears with an understanding parent by their side. Boost your tween’s latent talents with the help of WallDesign stickers!