50+ Door Sticker Ideas To Turn The School’s Doors Into A Gateway To Fun Galore

Physical surroundings have a great impact on kids’ sensitive minds and hearts. Make the children feel loved is essential. Giving them a nurturing environment is fundamental. A way to transform the décor of a school is to work magic on the doors. With WallDesign stickers consider new decorative concepts and transform the doorway to children’s kingdom.

Identify the doors with a thematic decor

A refreshing way to differentiate each classroom is to allow a theme to the door.

For example, to pinpoint a grade in preschool, choose a theme with cartoon characters that pre-schoolers relate to. Try having animals peep and wink to the young explorers! Indeed animals convey a warm and fuzzy aura and these cartoonist characters amuse children no end. Kids tend to have a special soft corner for harmless creatures. WallDesign decals with jungle animals like panda, elephant, lion etc on and around doors will attract children to schools and give them a friendly and welcoming feeling.

Let the children play peek a boo with their favorite animals from WallDesign jungle safari
A door with cute cartoon characters will attract tiny tots to the classrooms

As children grow older and move into higher standards, go on to more realistic themes. This way, children will be able to expand their comfort zone and get familiar with the mannerisms of the real world out there.

Another great idea in order to distinguish the classrooms is by naming the doors. Opt whether for a sticker that has the name of the class teacher printed on it or for multiple stickers with the names of all the students. Seeing their names pasted on and around the door will give children a sense of belonging to the place.

Name stickers make children identify themselves to a place

Ensure Each Activity Classroom’s Door Shows Its Uniqueness

Door decor for activity classrooms such as science lab, computer science, music room can be made related to the subject. This will not only highlight the exclusive activity of the classroom but will also invite children to learn in a fun and colorful way.

For a science lab, a door with a quirky warning sign will grab eyeballs
A music classroom can be differentiated with cut decals related to instruments

Scribble And Annotate Freely

Transform the door into a utility board for free expression. Cover the door with chalkboard decals or writing films from WallDesign. Thanks to these decals teachers can conduct interactive activities and have children scribble their hearts out.

Scribble your way to creativity with chalkboard WallDesign decals

Vary The Door Décor During Festive Times

On festivals like Diwali, Eid, Christmas, the school must dress up with the color of the season. The décor and the theme of the doors should be adjusted according to an approaching festival or a major event like a sport, drawing, singing,… competitions. This will not only fill students with a cheerful spirit but make them more aware in general. A door with a Santa clause is a cute way to welcome Christmas and winter vacations.

Go ho ho ho with WallDesign Santa clause’s sticker on the door

Special Attention To The Nursing Room’s Door

When a child feels low at school, the nursing room is here to take care of the tender mind. The nursing environment should be comforting as well as informative.

Bring information onto the nursing room’s door. Add elements that inculcate good habits in children. It can be done through a poem related to personal hygiene or a chart showing a balanced diet.

Teach children about personal hygiene in a pleasant way with posters text wall decals from WallDesign

Complement the door with a WD sticker that is used to measure height. Such a decal will not only look super cute but will also help in checking the children’s growth.

Record children’s growth with a measuring chart decal on the door

When it comes to decorating the doors of the school, be imaginative! Children are open to experimentation and changes, so don’t fear to try new styles, designs, and themes. Splash out lots of colors to keep the children’s spirit up and have fun with WallDesign!!