55 Kids Room Designs To Entangle The Throes Of Your Child’s Formative Years!

If you’re wondering how to handle naughty kids while they grow up, it’s time to sit back and relax! From tracking their heights to ensuring their sound sleep, WallDesign has got the right sticker for all the situations that you may have to deal with.

A kid in the age group of three to eight can bring down an entire house with enthusiasm and burning curiosity. They may not be sure of what they want-But it behoves parents to decorate their room that is representative of their electrifying style.

Glow In The Dark Stickers For A Sizzling Look

Time to say goodbye to fears! WallDesign has got amazing glow-in-the-dark wall stickers that can light up your kid’s bedroom. WD Sweet Dreams sticker features a golden Moon surrounded by a swarm of twinkling stars! Now you can entrust the Moon and stars to take care of your precious little one during sleep.

Glow in the dark stickers for a sizzling look

Does your kid fancy star-gazing? Then you can try using this wonderful glow-in-the-dark sticker for the ceiling. It sure gives a look of a canopy of stars that have descended into his/her bedroom.

Glow in the dark stickers for a sizzling look

Growing Up Is Fun With Height Scales!

Want to track your child’s growth? WallDesign brings you a good variety of height charts sprinkled with the fun factor! Height scales featuring animals are suitable for boy and girl rooms. The scales are not very broad; hence even space like the back of the door or a narrow wall can be used to install such growth charts.

The Single Color Ones In The Form Of Cut Decals

Little ones do grow up at lightning speed. It’s exceptional how you can keep track of your kid’s height with such fun growth scales decal from WallDesign. Since they come in one color, these cut decals can be used for a girl’s or a boy’s room.

The single color ones in the form of cut decals

Adjacent to each important marking is an animal head, so you can rest assured of your kid’s cooperation during the whole process! For your little girl…

This height scale featuring flowers and butterflies in a dashing pink shade is what your little girl will adore!

The single color ones in the form of cut decals

WallDesign offers height scales on fabric stickers that can serve also as a family tree with photo frames. This mystical tree sticker is suitable for doors or wardrobes and can be easily removed without creating a mess!

Perfect Decal To Have Next To A Door Or A Window!

A lone window or a door by the wall can always be in want of some details. WallDesign brings you some fun-filled decals that you can install near the window or wall of your toddler’s room. See how this small change contributes to the overall look!

Bring Home The Magic Of Cartoons

Is there a cartoon or TV show that your little one loves watching? If so then it’s time to recreate the magic of the show! With WallDesign creative cartoon-inspired stickers, your little one’s bedroom can become the abode of his or her favorite characters.

Bring home the magic of cartoons
Add a dash of action-packed adventure to your little boy’s room with superhero stickers!

Customizable Decals For That Magical Personal Touch

A lot of thought goes into naming a tiny tot. Let the world know how special the name is to you. Wondering how? WallDesign has customizable name decals that will speak for themselves of the exceptional bond you and your baby share…

Customizable decals for that magical personal touch

If you’re blessed with twins, name decals can be particularly useful. Place the baby beds on opposite corners of a room and complement each with the corresponding name decals. You can apply a bright color to the wall connecting them and give a stunning appearance.

Your kid is in the process of discovering several facets of himself or her selves. You can simplify the process by emphasizing the most important part of their personality a.k.a their names. WallDesign has got a good collection of customizable name stickers that you can choose from:

Customizable decals for that magical personal touch

Reinvent Learning With Patterns And Geometric Stickers

While your kid is in the process of learning various shapes and letters, now you can boost their morale with WallDesign stickers! Wondering how? WallDesign has got these awe-inspiring stickers with various shapes and colors that are guaranteed to arouse the curiosity of your little one.

Reinvent learning with patterns and geometric stickers

Kids in the formative years are a delightful lot. One cannot match their zest for life and their effervescent energy. But parents can take various steps to ensure that their little ones have a smooth transition along the rungs of the growth ladder. WallDesign is here to demystify the enigma of your child’s growing years!