100+ Custom Wrapping & Printed Decal Ideas For Cars Using Vinyl Graphics!

Make Every Journey Blissful

Glitz-up your car with new trends this season. Let it stand unique and give you the sensational look. For every reason and occasion car vinyl decor is inevitable! Come to WallDesign to witness the best collections.

Feel the pride in owning a car. Scintillating vehicle decor ideas can make your vehicle stand apart from the crowd! WallDesign offers a caboodle of ideas to design your car innovatively!

Coz Cars Are The Guy Thing!

A car is more than a mere vehicle to every guy. Decorating it is a style and status statement. There are so many ways to bring out your passion through WD as we offer a large variety of glitzy designs and ideas. Let the fiery spirit unveil through your car for it represents your identity.

Let the fiery spirit unveil through your black car for it represents your identity.
Let the fiery spirit unveil through your colorful car for it represents your identity.

Flaunting The Girl Power!

Be the talk of your high school! Cool designs to flaunt the bold and attractive girl in you. WD offers a complete range of designs from soft and subtle flowery stickers to a cool funky girl look. Pictures or wordings work perfectly to bolster your identity. Go, girl!

Decorate your car by spreading decals on the body to create a pattern. Floral designs usually give the delicate and pleasant scene to the eyes.

Full Body Wrap!

Either trendy patterns are used or full body car wrap is in practice. Full-body car wraps are more of a safety option. It protects the underlying car body of scratches for 3 years. It allows changing the car color overall according to your preference. It is quite pricey but it’s totally worth the cost.

Full body wrap for girl’s car for being unique on the road!
Full body wrap for boy’s car for being unique on the road!

Personalized designs will aid in bolstering your personality and distinguishes your car from the rest of the mass-produced vehicles. Being unique becomes a habit!

Area-specific Designing

Doors – Side doors are the most visible area and can be adorned right with WD. Themes such as flames or flowery swirls can be made to flow from the front door to the back wheel part.

Reveal our uniqueness with our door stickers for boys
Reveal our uniqueness with our door stickers for girls

Patterns or entire color splash and total celebrity theme design work magic and aids in achieving the right look. Customized letters can also be used here. Stripes are excellent means to redefine the look of a car. It can be placed at the bottom part of the side doors: like plain stripes or racer style. It can as well be placed just below the windows. Enhance the side stripes look, with additional ones on the bonnet or trunk.

Redefine the look of your car with our stripes decals

Rear Glass – The rear glass of a car is clearly noticeable by the other drivers. If you keep in mind the visibility, this area is ideal to decorate or flaunt your beliefs. At WallDesign, we provide you with glass decals and personalised stickers that are made for every purpose. Front and back glass can be used to display names, motivational quotes or spiritual symbols.

Personalized your rear glass with spiritual symbols
Personalized your rear glass with funny stickers or quotes

Handles – Pretty little stickers on the side handle pane completes the entire look of your car. Overload your car with cuteness! Guys can use this part to show that they are even specific about small details of the car. This will be appreciated highly. Funky and fiery stickers can be used here.

Overload your car with cuteness!
Personalized your handles with our funky and fiery stickers !

Trunk – this area can be used creatively and fun with words to catch others eye To show your patriotism and propagate your beliefs on religion, to spread positive vibes this region of the car can be put to use.

Personalized your trunk with our funky stickers !
Personalized your handles with our patriotism and informative stickers !

Bonnet – use this area to complement the side door design. A larger decal can also be generously used since there is a good surface for it. Tribal graphics can be combined with flames or stripes. Partial vinyl body wrap can also be worn to cover only the bonnet.

Personalized your bonnet with our graphic stickers !
Personalized your bonnet with a partial vinyl body wrap !

The specifics – WD considers the safety of your vehicle. Protect your engine from damage through wrongful tank filling. Stick the fuel used in two or three languages so that no mistake can happen.

Protect your engine from damage through wrongful tank filling
Personalized your tank with our funny stickers

For an affordable car decor come to WallDesign! Boys and Girls let the sheen reflect through your car. WallDesign provides also vinyl wraps that will protect your car’s colour and paint. Specific area decor and theme decor are undoubtedly the best for your car. Think WallDesign vinyl decor for your car because, it’s not just a vehicle, it’s an emotion.