Make your House a Sacred Home

In the motherland of India, we cherish having a puja room to shelter our gods. We love to display our spiritual items, so our home feels blessed and safe. It gives us a sense of protection and enables the flow of positive energies.
Om / Aum cut wall decal
Aum, the eternal syllable is an invocation to God. Place this Om wall decal anywhere in your home, it will radiate energy and inspire you and your guests. At WallDesign, we understand the importance of creating such sacred environment. We intend to keep on providing our customers always with more design choices for spiritual wall decals and gods related posters. Ganesha the very popular Hindu god of wisdom, good luck and fortune is commonly worshiped. The symbolic representation of Lord Ganesha through the elephant head brings immediately a sense of happiness and contentment.
Floral Ganesha wall sticker
Symbolic Ganesha wall sticker
Place this Ganesha wall sticker on the wall of your living space, entrance door of your home, your puja room or kitchen. Enjoy the rich symbolism captured by these illustrations of Lord Ganesha. The above wall decals are simply and elegantly cut from monochrome color vinyl. We offer them in various color shades to match the color combination that will be best suited for your home. This is important so to marry spiritual concerns with interior design matters. Another well known Hindu god is Lord Krishna who is the symbol of many virtues and represents love, devotion and joy. Our designs of Krishna are all multicolored printed on a material that gives a matte finish look and more importantly that is re-positional. The specificity of this material allows a great flexibility to these printed wall decals as you can move them over and over again.
Krishna on a Lotus Painted Wall Sticker
An Elegant painted sticker of Krishna standing on a lotus for your puja room or any wall of your home. Lord Krishna wall sticker is divine and attractive. Make your home look spiritual and beautiful.
Beautiful Krishna Painted Wall Sticker
This beautiful Krishna in the sky Wall Painting Sticker will make your wall look like its hand-painted. All your family members would love to see this every day. And your guests will think an artist has painted directly on your wall.
Krishna Balaram Painted Wall Sticker
Have Krishna Balaram Sticker on your wall and create an admirable home made possible by our great product. Define and refine your interiors using spiritual wall decors. Complement these wall decals by adding quotes you like. We give you the freedom to choose the message you want.