55 Mandala Wall Murals For Your Home – A Shift from Stress To Inner Peace!

It is not always the person who sets the arena at peace but sometimes your surrounding also does a good deal. The Mandala is an epitome that represents the universe. Its designs originate from the Vedas of Indian heritage. Mandalas’ wall stickers and paint stencils can be of great help in pairing up calm and patience in our mind and soul. Let the WallDesign’s mandalas enter your lives and souls to whip up confidence and boost the heart with peace and serenity.

Enrich your life with the power of a Mandala

Mandala designs are spiritual and symbolic geometric patterns. They are not just simple curly and wavy lines. Indeed they start from a single ‘Dot’ and as the design is developed they result in immensely beautiful standalone graphics with impressive details.

A mandala graphic can help in establishing inner peace and trust. Adorn your personal spaces such as the living room, bedroom or dining hall with a beautiful mandala from WallDesign and rest assured to feel positive vibes fluttering.

Waves of joy and bliss will shower you around the clock with a mandala design

Single colour Mandalas are a promise to serenity

A single colour mandala whether through a vinyl wall sticker or in the form of a paint stencil can be incorporated over a plain colour background. Selecting both colours is of great importance to create the right power of attraction. Once you have decided on the wall paint, chose the colour of the mandala wall decor that will match best the accessories of your interiors.

A monocolor Mandala design is a source of positivity that encircles not just space but also promotes an intense level of inner peace

Lift up your spirit with a multi-coloured Mandala

Pick a multi-colour mandala wall sticker and paint your life with shades of colours. Such printed decals are minutely detailed and the hues of the intricate designs will suit up with your every frame of mind.

Embellish the walls not just with paints but also with the vivacious colours of Mandala stickers

Embrace the therapeutic effect of the amazing Mandala wallpapers

Mandala wallpapers and murals can have a great influence on the mind and further help individuals be at peace. Mandala wallpapers gel great in places like hospitals, salons, airports and any other lounges in public places where a tranquil atmosphere is prescribed. Such abstract composition can give a break to the brain from a stressful schedule and let new creative juices overflow.

Welcome the warmth of the Mandala murals to captivate the senses
Embrace the therapeutic effect of the amazing black and white Mandala wallpapers

Feel the power of Mandalas with your every footstep

Mandala designs can also be imprinted on floors and stairs. Mandala floor stencils can really spice up your spiritual walk-through space with positivity and spirituality. For wooden and other porous surfaces, paint stencils can easily be used with one or two colour shades. Such paint stencils can as well be employed to create borders. For a complete floor covering, WallDesign provides you with a personalized solution according to the floor surface and the layout of the area.

Feel the power of Mandalas with your every footstep on your wooden floor
No impediments shall tumble your pathway when you have Mandalas on the floor!

Imprint Mandalas everywhere!

You can dress-up your interiors with unmatched mandala designs. From ceiling to furniture and other accessories, let the fascinating Mandala paintings enrich your entire life!

Make your ceiling bestow positivity with the intricate details of a mandala!
Dining, library and what not! Adhere your tables with graphics of Mandalas
Carve every piece of your home’s furniture with the uniqueness of mandala

Mandala graphics in the form of wall stickers or paint stencils are the perfect catalysts to energize and stimulate your day. So, embrace yourself with the magical spirits of Mandalas. Don’t just feel the difference with your eyes and heart but also with WallDesign where spirituality starts.