45 Vinyl Floor Graphics For School & Educational Institutions India

Let the floor speak up. Explore WallDesign’s floor stickers and vinyl graphics to adorn residences, classrooms, gymnasiums, and play areas. Enhance the spirit of the games with WallDesign vinyl floor stickers and make kitty parties more fun. Play the game with vinyl floor graphics.

Floor graphics is the new charm. It can totally transform a place into a game zone be it the residence, play area, kindergarten, dance floor, or gymnasium. WallDesign presents a variety of designs stickers depicting different concepts to pep up the floor with enthusiasm.

Classic Games To Rediscover With WallDesign Floor Graphics

WallDesign floor stickers are an amazing learning experience for children thanks to the large games possible. At home or at school, WallDesign floor game stickers can make any moment a special event.

The popular hopscotch is a fantastic classic game. It not only brings lots of laughter but also helps children to learn to count and make them move with dexterity. This floor game is perfect for preschoolers involving motor function and an approach to numerals.

WallDesign floor game stickers can make any moment a special event.

The mirror me is an interactive duet floor game that makes the day full of beans. All you have to do is stand in front of your partner and imitate the footsteps he moves on to. This is an enjoyable manner for youngsters to develop coordination.

The maze game floor sticker for school and institutions

The maze game has always been one of my favorites that can be played individually or in teams. The aim of the labyrinth is to find the way through. This floor game can also be performed with a ball so the youngsters learn to manage multiple parameters simultaneously like thinking logically and controlling the motion of the ball at once.

The mirror me is an interactive duet floor game that makes the day full of beans

The giant web game is one of a kind designed to play spooky games on Halloween. The kids will love it. All that you need to do is grab stickers at WallDesign and listen to their screams and giggles. It helps them to connect with the real world and gives some crisp work to their brain.

The giant web game is one of a kind designed to play spooky games on Halloween

Fun with shapes: Can learning and teaching be any more fun? With stickers from WallDesign, kids can discover shapes in a more visual way and tend to spend more efficient learning time with life-size models of their study elements. Colored bean bags are used to make shape identifying even more enjoyable. Designing a simple geometrical shape on the floor like a square can be a source of new ideas for little ones.

Learning and teaching could be fun with shapes decal

Letting children learn from the books as well as encouraging them to think out of the box help to nurture them in a good way. Physical activity is the most essential crust which most of the children miss in this digital age, this can be overcome by introducing them to innovative ideas of learning which makes them smart and all-rounders.

Teach the unconventional way!

‘Wheeeeee I’m going to school’ will be the cheerful screams of children going to an excitingly fun-filled place. Reinforcing concepts with kids is now easy using WallDesign stickers and floor graphics for maths, alphabets, literacy, etc., Can you think of a more fun way of teaching?

Teach the unconventional way!

Convivial and innovative, WallDesign vinyl floor graphics can kick start kids’ mental ability to memorize things better. The use of vibrant colors helps reinforce concepts in subjects like learning alphabets, new words, and even historical facts. The floor works out as a life-size board game. Stimulate children with enthusiasm while playing.

World Map On The Floor Is An Interactive And Enthusiastic Way To Learn The Map

Have a look at this colorful interactive floor sticker. It has a word written in each square. It’s a literary cum fun activity that enhances comprehension skills in children. This unusual floor board game makes learning a new fun activity just like at home!

World map on the floor is an interactive and enthusiastic way to learn the map

Learning geography and remembering places were shrugged as a difficult and boring task but not anymore with floor maps from WallDesign. Allow children to label and remember cities, countries, and much more in an interactive and enthusiastic way.

Using life-size map graphics on the floor, geography can be well established

Some serious games at play

Many games require some marking to be done on the floor in order to define specific areas of the court or to identify a team during a match. WallDesign can customize floor graphic stickers for every sport and every purpose. Gymnasium and sports vinyl floor graphics are available with WallDesign.

Learning has never been so fun. Floor graphics from WallDesign is the best to be used for teaching in schools and residences in a colorful, interactive, and enjoyable manner. Kids love it when we try to connect with them through their world, that is what we rightly do at WallDesign.

It’s time to rock the floor with WallDesign!