30+ Custom Floor Stickers Ideas Using Vinyl Sticker & Printed Decal India

Professionalism- From A Brand New Perspective

To display information or instructions, say goodbye to clumsy signboards. There is a smart and effective way of doing the same thanks to floor graphics. Time to beat the trend with WallDesign’s vinyl stickers.

Any place should create the charisma for its visitors to feel welcome, energetic, and satisfied. All this can be done with floor graphics. Be it permanent or for specific usage, customize the floor with WallDesign vinyl stickers depending on the space available.

Hit The Floor, Winged Birds!

“Hey there airplanes, better hit the floor sooner, the pull of the floor graphics won’t spare you!” Haha…..Aren’t airports the most sophisticated and luxurious traveler transit spots? What better than making it well equipped using the floor to interact.

The picture below depicts how efficiently communication is done in places like airports using floor stickers.

Hit the floor, winged birds!

‘Shhhhh, No Talking Zone It Is’

In a library, demarcation can be done in a pleasant and attractive way using vinyl floor graphics and stickers. Earmarking the different sections based on the type of books, author’s initials, etc. can be smartly taken care of by floor graphics. Come to WallDesign to create color-coded stickers that are so useful and make a wayfinding cakewalk.

‘Shhhhh, no talking zone it is’

Find Your Way With Atypical City Signboards

WallDesign presents a cool way to make conventional signboards eye-catching with vinyl stickers. It’s now easy to indicate road rules and show directions! Find the right way to Way-finding with WallDesign. There are two lines of products available: permanent floor graphics and specific event usage stickers.

Come and catch up with WallDesign to personally design your original signboard and floor graphic.

Find your way with atypical city signboards

At The Exhibitions!

Exhibitions are yet another place where floor graphics are of the right use. Directions, information, classifying different sections, etc., can be done using floor graphics and stickers. Make the place look sensational by using the space judiciously.

Make the place look sensational by using the space judiciously

Guide The Visitors Using Vinyl Floor Decal

At a museum, manpower is mostly used to share information. This can be changed using vinyl floor graphics and stickers: the year and origin of the objects can be imprinted on the floors to make it easier for adults and children to grab the information.

Guide the visitors using vinyl floor decal

Step Step Step It Up!

Just like using the floor for communication, steps are a great space to use to do the same. During parties or events, steps can be used for direction display or relevant quotes related to the event. WallDesign provides a wide variety of graphics customized according to the size and shape of the stairs.

Use steps to communicate Using WallDesign Floor Sticker

Space is an important factor today, using it appropriately is another major catch. Thanks to floor graphics, direction and wayfinding can be made easier. WallDesign is the right place to find suitable floor stickers including direction display, demarcation, color-coded wayfinding, and information communication. Let the floor do the magic!