At home, we often like to have pictures of our dear ones – relatives and friends. However there are just a few possibilities to display them, usually with frames or on the fridge with magnets. Now you can get your own Family Tree Wall Sticker and have all your family pictures affixed on the wall easily. This kind of wall sticker is usually designed simply like a Tree with an option given for the photos. The Tree being the symbol of life and fertility (hummmm… have you ever noticed the design of the nerves on the placenta?! – well it just looks like a Tree) is a good way for representing the intricate relationships between family members and to showcase some important events (a wedding, a birth…). Use it to tell the story of your family. So you and your children can remember the happy times (and the sad ones). It is a fun and original way of creating your own family tree. Kids love to know more about their family, it is a practical way to explain it to them.
Some Family Tree Wall Stickers are designed in such a way that there are special spaces attributed for the pictures. Customized project realized for a residence in Bangalore – February 2011 With other Family Tree Stickers you may be able to affix your pictures randomly on the wall thanks to corner stickers which are re-positionable many numbers of times.
WallDesign – Mystical Forest Brown – Growth Chart & Family Tree
WallDesign – Cute Neighbourhood – Growth Chart & Family Tree
WallDesign proposes 2 special designs of Family Tree Wall Stickers for Kids – they combine a Growth Chart with possibilities of adding pictures. However you can transform any regular Tree Wall Sticker into your own Family Tree. Create your own Family Tree with WallDesign it’s easy.

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