Jazz Up Your Boring White Ceilings With A Vast Range Of Wall Ceiling Stickers

Rediscover Your Living Space Through Wall Stickers

Be creative in redecorating your home. Jazz up your boring white ceilings with a vast range of wall stickers and home design ideas from WallDesign.

Interior decoration is always a great idea but should not be limited to the floor, the walls and the furniture. Give some attention to your resilient ceiling and shower splashes of colour upon it. Embellishing your ceiling with WallDesign stickers will give some originality to your home. Here comes an exquisite range of graphic ideas for your bare ceiling.

Ornament Your Fan Or Lighting With A Single Decal

This is an easy way to adorn your ceiling surface quickly and give a new look to your living room. Selecting the design that will best complement the ambiance of your living area can be simple if you follow these easy tips. If you want your home to echo the grandeur of the Victorian era, then opt for an ornamental, flowery design with intricate artwork. These stylish ceiling stickers will draw attention to your ornate chandelier and complement it with a glamorous touch.

Ornament your lighting with a flowery design single decal

Beat The Trend With Minimal Design

For a contemporary look, a minimal abstract design inspired by nature would be the perfect choice. Create a pattern by repeating sticker element around the fan or the light. These kinds of designs would bring a flow and a gracious accent making your interiors completely unique.

Beat The Trend With Minimal Design

In addition, you can make your ceiling trendier by adding inspirational words. Letterings would whisper a delicate and personalized feeling.

Make your ceiling trendier by adding inspirational words

In terms of colour, choose black or dark grey vinyl to create a shadow effect. Try gold, copper or silver for an exquisite look. Design your home as a melange of contemporary designs and with a few opulent pieces here and there. To add a decorative element, use an elaborate decal on the ceiling that highlights minimalistic and functional lighting.

Play With Colours And Large Decals

Another way to break the monotony of your regular white ceiling is by using well-coordinated and contrasting colours with large ceiling decals. If you decide to go for a bright painted wall, use the same colour for the ceiling stickers. This will create a flow and continuity within the room. The bubble-like circular patterns add geometry to the room, and highlight the colour palette by contrasting the bare spaces.

A festive wall decal in the dining area, for instance, can create a jovial ambience for meals. Adding a creative spin to a dull area like a laundry room can make the space exclusive and attractive. Another functional area is the kitchen, a space where homemakers spend a considerable part of the day. Beautifying the kitchen with a refined sticker can be relaxing and therapeutic.

Note that green, can have a calming effect after a long day of work, and is perfect for bedrooms of workaholics. White contrasted with blue, green or black gives a strong character and personality to the room.

Use a ceiling sticker to complement and highlight the theme of your room

Let the ceiling reflect your moods with WallDesign stickers. The next time you are looking for motivation, your ceiling is here to cheer you up!