50 DIY Ideas To Revitalize The Furniture Of Your Child’s Room With A Pinch Of Fun!

Kids’ rooms need to sport a lively look to match the little ones’ exuberance. Using decals, vinyl wraps and chalk vinyl is the best solution for an awe-inspiring ambiance. WallDesign gives you fun tips to create the best decor

Kids are always brimming with energy and creativity. So why not infuse some liveliness to their rooms? Pep up the ambiance by installing decals onto their furniture. WallDesign brings you the best of DIY ideas to create splendid decor!

Try Mini Decals For Great Changes!

Despite their size, mini decals can absolutely enhance the overall ambiance of a kids’ room. Just make sure to select the design that matches best the color of the furniture as well as your little one’s preferences.

Try mini decals for great changes!

For instance, convert an entire cabinet into a colorful one with your child’s favorite cartoon character. First, paint each drawer in one color. Then paste a few stickers of his favorite cartoon hero. Time for some power-packed organizational tactics!

On white cabinets, try fun-filled mini decals and see your little one jump up in joy!

Wrap Up Fun With Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wraps cover an entire surface of furniture pretty much like a poster on a wall. Choose from a delightful range of vinyl wraps from WallDesign!

Give New Heights To Games

A regular square coffee table can be transformed into a fun game element by adding a playful vinyl wrap.

Give new heights to games!

Make The Activity Table Inviting

Make the activity table inviting

This vinyl wrap features colorful dots against a black background and is ideal for kids’ drawing tables. Notice the concentric circles on the bench to mark spaces for each budding artist!

Give A Unique Touch To Ordinary Storage

Give a unique touch to ordinary storage

These shelves are modelled on a fire station and a police station. Such vinyl wraps give the shelves tinges of cheerfulness. The realistic look only adds to the fun factor that comes with remodeling an entire shelf with a vinyl wrap. A good way to remind kids that with great fun comes great responsibility to remain organized!

Enhance The Overall Ambiance With Theme-based Decals

If you have a specific theme in mind, try installing theme-based decals onto the cabinets, side tables, and even the sides of the bed to create an astonishing look. Make sure to complement the ambiance with matching curtains and carpets!

Try installing theme-based decals onto the cabinets

Vibrant mini printed stickers featuring multi-colored owls can be a good choice for a Jungle themed kids’ room. Notice how the stickers have completely changed the plain facade of the shelves.

This red and light blue Cars-themed décor will be an absolute favorite for your little boy.
The jungle-themed room is suitable for both boys and girls. Recreate the fun from the woods!

With WallDesign printed stickers, you can complement the decor of your little one’s room based on the theme you have picked up!

Help Them Stay Organized With Chalk Vinyl

Are you tired of telling your kids to tidy up their room once after playtime or study? Not anymore! WithWallDesign, being organized is now literally on your fingertips!

Chalk vinyl is very handy! You can mark shelves containing various items of drawers with chalk vinyl. Staying organized becomes the rule of the day automatically.

Help them stay organized with chalk vinyl

Vinyl chalkboards can be used as a mini-blackboard by your little one: learning the alphabet or drawing shapes can be so amusing! The best part is that WallDesign offers them in the form of vinyl stickers that can be easily installed on tabletops.

Decorating a kids’ room is a child’s play thanks to the easy DIY ideas. Count on WallDesign to create an exuberant kids’ room décor!