55 Wall Sticker Ideas To Revitalize Yourself With The Thrill Of Sports

Ball games are hugely entertained by males irrespective of age. A plethora of sports stickers awaits you at WallDesign: from football, basketball, cricket to any other sport you can think of!

There is a proverb that goes like “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. It emphasizes the fact that sports are an essential part of life as they foster competitiveness and spirit. But, how often do you burn your calories by taking part in such recreational activities?

Sometimes, what you really require is a break from all the hassles in life and WallDesign can provide you that head-start. Discover the huge collection of sports decals that can suit your preferences. Choose a sport or an activity that you enjoy and start personifying the walls of your bedroom with sensational wall stickers.

Football Frenzy That Invokes Team Spirit

Football is a sport followed by millions across the globe. WallDesign can help you paint your walls with iconic postures of your favorite players and inspire you to get one step closer to being like them. Each walk to your bedroom would make you stretch your legs and dribble past all the furniture.

Missing out on a real football? Have no worries and let these football sticker bursting out of the wall serve as a replacement for you.

Football frenzy that invokes team spirit

Jump And Exceed Your Limits Playing Basketball

Basketball is an immersive and intense game that requires coordination and excellent vision just like football. WallDesign’s basketball wall stickers can be placed perfectly on the wall next to a portrait. Lace up your basketball shoes and reach higher than your competitors.

Rise above the rest just like Basketball Dunk wall sticker

Get inspiration from the best players and hop over your hurdles.

Shoot For The Stars And Embrace The Favorite Sport Of The Whole Nation

From being considered as just a recreational activity by the British, it has now evolved to be a global sport with a huge fan following. Team-work and strategy go hand-in-hand to surpass the scores of the opponents. Bring the passion into your room with a life-sized sticker of your hero.

Welcome your childhood hero into your bedroom with ‘Cricket is life’ wall sticker

Petrolheads And Their Love For Wheels

Automobiles are alluring sights in the eyes of men. It would be the dream of every boy to have a portrait or a picture of his favorite supercar on his bedroom wall. As he grows older, this would serve him the greater purpose in achieving his goals to own a real model.

Precision is a necessity when it comes to motor racing on just two wheels. Applying even a meager amount of throttle at the corners has the potential to debilitate your life in an instant. The slanting posture of a rider motivates you to stay focused and ready for the challenges heading your way.

Wake up daily with a boost of adrenalin with superbike racing wall sticker

Watching an F1 race can rack up enough motivation to get you through hurdles. It makes your mind believe that in the end, the person you need to get better than is yourself! Printed fabric wall stickers can be repositioned and provide a realistic look.

Fill your boy with joy with this F1 car wall sticker

Mini Silhouette Decals To Increase The Dynamic Of The Bedroom

These mini-decals are a different concept that can be scattered around to produce a unique visualizing effect. They are smaller in size and there is the freedom to place them anywhere you wish to. These could resemble a part of an activity you normally enjoy like athletics, dancing or sports.

Break your shackles and dance as if you’re chained to the rhythm as you try to be in sync with original hip-hop silhouettes.

Bust out your dance moves

Running is an activity that improves your health and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. You don’t necessarily have to be a marathon runner or a practitioner of parkour running. Just a glance at this decorated wall would make you lively and build up some momentum.

For the ones with athleticism, parkour wall sticker makes free-running look easy
Do a flip even if you’re not riding with Cross Motor Biking wall sticker

Personalize Your Favourite Sport Decal Or Create Your Own!

WallDesign offers you the unique option of having your own name or the name of your favorite icon along with the sports decal of your choice. It could also include your team’s winning chant. There’s no better way to personalize your room.

Complement the decal with your name

WallDesign can also help you design the ideal sports graphics. You just need to upload a good-quality image of your preferred sport and select the graphic style you like most among the ones that are offered.

This is a great gifting idea for a person who is passionate about a certain activity. Make up your mind and just place the order.

Fitness is an important characteristic traditionally associated with masculinity. It is regarded as a part and parcel of the life of an individual. If you haven’t developed an interest in a sport yet, WallDesign might be your local mentor inspiring you right from the comfort of your dwelling. Stop thinking about spending money on that fitness tracker and seek out the motivation you require.