8 ideas to decorate your bedroom headboard with your character and style

Show your character and give style to your headboard

Our bedroom may be the one place where we spend the most number of hours. So in this space you should definitely feel cozy and comfortable. You are special so give character to your bed and add WallDesign decals to the headboard. This will change the look of your bedroom while making it rare. You can complement your bed with a wall sticker in such a way that it feels part of it. This type of wall decals is usually of a single color, which coordinates with the color of the structure of the furniture.
The headboard can turn really stylish with an urban style border decal. Try for instance a city skyline wall sticker.
Or simply add a full vinyl poster which colors will match with the colors of your bedroom furnishings.
Another way to nicely enhance the headboard is to make a focus with 2 contrasting colors. You may try dark color wall paint and a light color wall decal. This contrast can be stunning.

WallDesign gives you tips to make your personal space the best place to be.