A Colorful Crèche for our Little Ones

A Colorful Crèche for our Little Ones

The urbanization in India, making the cities bigger by the day and challenging to travel from one place to another, is transforming the lifestyle of the new families. Women are full time working and when becoming mother, companies may not want to lose them. Conscious of this trend, one of the leading IT Company in Bangalore, Mindtree, has found a way to help these new mothers to take the challenge of continuing working while growing their family, by putting up a Day Care Center for its employees.

This Crèche located in the heart of the city is now ready to welcome the little ones. We, at WallDesign, have had the pleasure of decorating their facilities recently. Let me take you through a round of this child-friendly space.

The Reception Area welcomes the parents and their children with a Large Tree in copper color.

The children can leave their belongings in the Locker Room where the birds flying around will keep an eye on.

The outdoor playground has been surrounded by the Jungle Animals. This garden becomes a fun place to be for lots of adventurous games.

An Abstract World featuring some fancy characters has been composed in the Common Area. This surely will stimulate the imagination.

The Alphabet Tree with its colorful letters makes learning an enjoyable time.

In the Babies Room, the playful monkeys with the elephant and the giraffe will be the best companions during their morning and afternoon naps.

In the Toddler Room, 2 trees and a grand giraffe give a simple feeling of nature

Even in the restroom, these smileys make it a pleasant place to be in.

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