Adding some humor to your home

Adding some humor to your home

Everybody likes to have a beautiful interior, nicely put up with some good furniture and a few objects bought while traveling. But you would like to make your home a little bit more special, adding something that could make it fun also.

How can you add a touch of originality in this sumptuous interior without disturbing the harmony and the atmosphere already created? In general, there is a space that everyone uses many times in a day but that very less often is being decorated with that little extra personal attention. The WC. I mean the Water Closet. The Toilet. The Restroom! Da LoO!

There are plenty of small original stickers that make the element tremendously funny and hence much more less boring. You can also apply some of these fun-to-go elements vinyl stickers on the door.

That’s a way you can use to address to your guests.

Have Fun with WallDesign!