Enter your Video Games with WallDesign.in Large wall decals

Enter your Video Games with WallDesign.in Large wall decals

There is something magical about using WallDesign decals.

In this digital era, connected to our devices, we do spend minutes of our free time playing video games. Some of our heroes are these fantasist characters through whom we play. But there are also these traditional games, you know the ones that came up with the first home PC.

Remember the Classic Arcade Games?
There were made of that Big Pixel!
A combination of little squares arranged together.

Large Decals of Arcade Games made of little squares stickers

I was born the year of the video games started and were launched on the market, that makes it a nostalgia theme. As a child, I remember the competitions I had over SpaceWar with my friends and the rounds with Pac-Man… That was fun!

Nostalgia video games with WallDesign.in decals

WallDesign makes you enter the world of your favorite game.
Pick up a room in your house, and re-create the universe of the game. Thanks to WallDesign large decals and sticker elements, you can completely cover the walls of a room, including the ceiling. Compared to wallpaper, WallDesign decals have the advantage of giving large size to each element of the game.
The choice is yours!

Use WallDesign.in FAB wall decals to play on your walls!

WallDesign FAB Decals are made from a material that makes it possible to move them many times. So start playing your best video game on the wall of your room.

Play Tetris with your kids and friends!
Little ones will love this activity.
Make them recognize colors and shapes!
The wall is your board. Use it to interact.
WallDesign Magnets are coming up soon.

Get ready for more games!