Give a new dimension to your flat walls

Give a new dimension to your flat walls

Wall stickers are an amazing way to decorate your walls and they definitely stand out since they have a broad potential in transforming any surfaces.

3D designed wall decals can create some stunning effects, and completely change the look of your flat walls by giving a different perspective. In fact, perspective 3D wall decals will give the illusion of a much deeper space than the actual stage. They can really give a new atmosphere to your interiors and your guests will wonder at it.

This new dimension in the room can be given on a full wall mural or a door panel – through a photography, a painting or a digital graphic.

This art technique which often involves realistic imaginery is known with the French expression as trompe-l’oeil. It consists in a forced perspective in order to get a new dimension in the room.

There is the possibility of using single wall decal which has been designed in such way that you have the impression that the object stands out. This creates an optical illusion which makes the depicted objects exist in three dimensions.

Are you sure this guitar is only a wall decal?

With these cartoonist 3D Effect Wall Decals, let the little monsters pop out…. “Helloooo!”

This is so funky for our little ones.

Also, perspective geometric designs are nowadays very trendy. They can be integrated in most interiors since those patterns can match easily any contemporary style.

WallDesign Gives a New Dimension to your flat walls