Keep the Fun High!

Keep the Fun High!

There are things that homes have all in common – one of them is the electrical switch. They are present in all the rooms. Usually of white color, they, most of the time, do not blend with the wall on which they are affixed. Use them and have fun with them!

From very simple design to more complex one, there is at present a variety of decals that integrate the switches within their own graphics. This is a good way to do a sort of ‘camouflage’ of the switch board.

Funky & Interesting Vinyl Decals for your switches

Also when there is more than one switch, it becomes very confusing and it seems difficult to find out which one corresponds to what. Stickers can be useful to tell the function of each switch. You can as well express your eco-friendly spirit.

WallDesign helps you find the right graphics for your interiors. Use today these special decals for switches and bring some fun to your walls.

Light up your mood with WallDesign decals!