Multicolored stripes to warm up your interiors

Multicolored stripes to warm up your interiors

Forget about white and inexpressive walls; let them be full of bright colors and joyful. Wall stickers are easy to use if you plan to decorate the walls of your home and personalize them.

When thinking about doing up the interiors, usually one will opt for 1 or 2 base colors for the walls and 2 to 3 colors for the furnishings. To give extra dynamism to your walls, use colorful lines which will match with the colors of your furnishings. Vinyl stripes are nowadays very trendy.

Being horizontal or vertical, these multicolored stripes will definitely break the monotony of the surface on which they are applied.

You may try various spacing between the stripes, as well as different width of the bands.

In a corridor or the entrance area, large horizontal stripes will be very helpful to give a sense of extra volume and will surely add some novelty to the space.

You can also insert small stripes on the furniture like the cupboard. See how funky this can look.

Let your imagination take some heights.

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