Picking up the right colors for your walls

Picking up the right colors for your walls

When you have to do or re-do your interiors, the first thing is to find the right color that will go onto the walls of your living room, kitchen and bedroom. Choosing the color or more than one color is the point of start in defining the ambiance of your interior decoration. Each room of the house has to be considered specifically.

Which colors to choose for the living room?

The living room is a central space in the house. Usually, it is where we welcome our guests and spend great number of hours with family. It is important to find the right balance between a personalized interior decor and the wall colors in order to make our living room the heart of the house.

Some neutral shades

Being a space where one will spend lots of time and being visited often: it is wise to use neutral colors, which will warm up the ambiance and give brightness; on the contrary, avoid too many flashy colors as you could get bored of them faster. While using these neutral shades, you can highlight your base with a few touches of vivid colors. Hence you may consider the various ranges of whites and grays, to which you can add some brown, chocolate or purple colors. Warmer colors like magenta or orange can also be considered. If you use a pastel color, then you could complement it with its darker shade.

A maximum of 3 colors

Usually, a maximum of three different colors can be used in a same room in order to keep a visual harmony. This is a rule for the living space even though you have to consider the size of the room. If it is a large one, you can change the color on one panel of the walls, in order to give some depth and dimension to the room. However, if the space is limited, it would be better to choose a unique shade.