Treasure your Memories

Treasure your Memories

Memories stay with us forever and ever, so treasuring these is a must!!

    We transform your clicks of good time
       into decorative items
        which you’ll love to display on your walls
          and gift to your dear ones.

Enjoy Happy Life with WallDesign

Option 1 – Create your own photo decal

This is a special product for painted walls.

Repositionable picture decal

Your picture/photo element –
is printed and cut all around
on an adhesive-backed Fabric-type material

which you can move over and over plenty of times,

Create your own wall decal with WallDesign

enabling you to place the decal from one wall onto another one.

Single color picture decal

Sketch to the wall your own photo with WallDesign

From a portrait picture

this option allows you to outline the figure/element you want to make as a wall decal.

It is cut in a monochrome color vinyl of your choice.

It gives a kind of shadow effect once affixed onto the surface.

Option 2 – Display your picture as a wall poster

You can enlarge your pictures as much as the quality remains best.

Create a wall poster with your own photo @ WallDesign

IdeA : Long poster panel

For panoramic views, use a horizontal panel (i.e. length longer than height)

This is very interesting for long wall like in corridors or above a large cabinet.

Create your own door wrap with WallDesign

Try the door coverings for your vertical shots.Door Skin Poster
Not only will it create a sort of window/opening into your door
You’ll be amazed to rediscover the places you visited.

Album size photo poster Mini Photo Wall Stickers Create your own photo composition with WallDesign

Make multiple mini picture posters
and place them all on your wall into a special shape

Create your own photo composition with WallDesign

like a heart, or simply a pyramid style

you may also display the wall posters into a vertical or horizontal border.

Option 3 – Stylize your portraits

Here is a gret personalized gift for someone on a special occasion like birthday/farewell/marriage/…

Give a trendy touch to those portrait pictures you have taken of the people you cherish.

Pop Art style is one that modifies the picture into bold and simple lines with vibrant and contrasting colors.

Create your own wall graphics with WallDesign

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