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A lot of work goes in to making a house, a home. You might be careful while handpicking the most suitable articles and furniture. Chances are that you may feel the décor to be in want of something of your dashing personality. WallDesign has got an amazing collection of paint stencils that you will be glad to spend on!

Walk on the floor of handcrafted finish

With WallDesign DIY paint stencils, you can transform the dullest of floors into marvelous creations of art. All you need is the right stencil, some paint and voilà, your floor will exude the magnificence of a masterpiece!

Mandala designs are in vogue these days…

A narrow doorway floor would look wonderful with a mandala design. Paint it with the color of the adjacent wall and see how sensational it looks!

A multi-colored mandala can give a marvellous effect too.

Large and geometric design melt with contemporary interiors

The white squares on the green floor is stenciled to perfection, creating a contrast and adding to the symmetry of the cabinets and windows!

Bring a rainbow of colors to your home with the classic mosaic designs

Now you can bring the Spanish tradition of using colored tiles into your home! This is possible with WallDesign classic mosaic stencils, that will dazzle you with their beauty…

This floor stencil comes in hues of flame red, gold, and Atlantic blue to give a fine motley of shades on your flooring. Notice especially the corner and the wall border. Stair risers can become objects of splendid beauty with intricately designed stencils.

Let your walls go from drab to fab with elegant stencils!

Give your walls a royal look thanks to metallic colors. Make your walls look distinctive. With stencils that give a magnificent look and the use of decorative paints such as gold, copper or silver, you are certain to get the grandeur you deserve. WallDesign has got a graceful set of paint stencils that are guaranteed to transform your living space à la royalty! The damask design is one such evergreen hit.

The fancy-looking Damask designs are the ones that give a woven pattern effect. The right Damask stencil coupled with matching furniture will score high on the resplendent look.

Create a focus wall with geometric lines…

A metallic golden pattern accentuates the ambiance created by the white stairs and brown floors. Notice how the brown from the ceiling and floor gets reflected onto the wall!

Accentuate the wall just with a border
For a modern accent, repeat a few large designs on the walls

The peacock is indeed the king among birds! WallDesign brings you large peacock feathers stencils that would totally give your living room a fantastic makeover. Complement the ambiance with black and blue furniture and accessories to create a spectacular ambiance!

Up, above and classy with WallDesign borders and stencils for ceilings

Ceilings are commonly the most neglected spaces of a house. Not anymore! WallDesign brings together the delight of DIY borders and stencils for the ceilings. You can try using the borders diagonally or on adjacent sides, anyhow rest assured of the jaw-dropping look!

With walls that have a border, you can go for corner stencils on the ceiling. A minimalistic design will indeed boost the overall appearance of the room. Try some antique stencilled ceiling medallions, at the centre of which you can place a hanging lamp.

Experiment with remodeling the entire ceiling by designing a full pattern.

There is even more: add the fun factor into the old furniture pieces!

Wood or steel, furniture has a new feel with WallDesign stencils! With creative designs, the change becomes obvious. Tables are sure to (inspire you).....

Instead of covering the entire table top with a table cloth, try using floral designed stencils that beautifully enliven the surface. Apart from designs on the four corners, there is also a single circular design at the center too! Stylize dressers and cabinets using damask patterned stencils:

Give a modern finish with a combination of black and white and create an alluring effect

Stencil painting is a process that is affordable and fun. It makes wonders to the look of your walls, floor and furniture. Sounds too good, to be true? Realize your biggest dream of remodeling your interiors with WallDesign paint stencils!

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