17 Simple And Creative Wall Decor Ideas You Can Do – Using Trendy Design Borders and Wall Stickers

WallDesign stickers with border patterns are the new trend for interior fashion. Complete the view of your room by splashing some refreshing designs as wall borders. Here are a few concept décor ideas you ought to try.

Get a feel of the Indian culture

The use of floral and mandala patterns for decoration is in the taste of Indian design and culture. The bright colors and playful flow make the room look cheerful. Since it is a single bordered pattern; it gives the wall a clean view with a squish of lightheartedness. The border based designs reflect a traditional charm in itself, connecting us to the rich heritage and culture tracking down to the time of Mughals and Mauryas.

Let the wall leave an impression of its own with these contemporary floral borders

These images though contemporary reminds us of the handmade designs in traditional wall paintings. These styles of borders give an Indian cultural look. WallDesign border patterns are stimulating and merge well with the minimal furniture.

Beat the trend with contemporary borders made of a single color

The geometric wall stickers patterns are usually addressed in a linear flow complementing the color of the furniture placed in the room. WallDesign sticker not only beautifies the walls but also fuses well with other essentials of the room like the table, chair, or floor mat. Everything combined together narrates a story to the viewer.

Beat the trend with contemporary borders of water droplets in your bathroom

The geometric wallcoverings of water droplets are used as a visual in a bathroom. The green color complements the chair and fabrics around. Moreover, the water droplet pattern on the front wall correlates with the bathroom décor.

Geometric shapes can be made interesting if played well with. One can complement the color of a particular piece of furniture in the house and fix the sticker border-right behind it. This will give an elegant impact and enriches the aesthetic appeal of the house. The organic shapes with variation in sizes when arranging in asymmetry increases the harmony and rhythm of the design. The contrasting color against the background pushes out the foreground color and reflects alluring to the eyes

Give an elegant impact to the aesthetic of your house with these geometric shapes

Stylize the arrangement of the border

The mono-colored geometric shapes can be arranged in a horizontal or vertical pattern. This pattern can be made as a partial border or run completely down from the ceiling to the floor. Take attention to align well the border patterns with other elements of the room and it will surely be appealing. A diamond pattern can easily be integrated into any ambiance.

The vertical border can be helpful in delimiting two areas in the same room. Whereas a horizontal border works best when placed in the middle of the wall.

One can create a fun visually with dual colors: one color for below the border and a contrasting or complementing one in the upper wall surface…

Give a unique flow to you house with our geometric vertical borders
Give a unique flow to you house with our geometric horizontal borders

Innovate with a colorful border

Add a vibrant accent with a border in multiple colors to a wall painted in a single color. This makes the room vibrant and alluring. The colors bring a happy feeling and maintain a positive aura in the room.

Reflect your personality with our colorful geometric borders

Trendy borders are fun to put on. Reflect your personality as well as a positive approach towards creativity and art. WallDesign stickers can make your room look so gorgeous. Geometric patterns are the new drift element in the field of interiors. Blended well with different colors and pattern flows, WallDesign stickers make each wall unique.