Installation FAQs

Remove & Restick Non-tearable XXL WallDesign
Moving to a new place? You can take your WallDesign sticker with you too, so don’t leave your favourite stickers in your old home. From small to XXL size stickers, it is easy and fun to peel and re-stick in your new home. Great for tenants and homeowners and a fun family Do-it-yourself Sunday job. Made of Canvas, WallDesign stickers do not fail easily and you will be delighted by its durability. “.$category->name.”
How to style with bike / scooter stickers?
Sticker Installation steps for personalizing your bike or scooter. “.$category->name.”
How to remove WallDesign photo decal?
Slowly peel from the wall at an angle that does not pull the paint but only the sticker. Just reverse the fabric onto itself and so that the sticky side curls backwards and peel away. “.$category->name.”
Signpost Nameboard Installation
Sticker Installation of your nameboard on your home entrance wall. “.$category->name.”