World of graphics for the walls of the modern school

Nowadays, you can shape up the schools not only with instructive posters but also with interactive graphics. Wallpapers and stickers of maps, countries, and cities can be informative as well as perceptive for young learners. Get to know more about the range of WallDesign’s Maps & Places Theme that can uplift the ambiance of the school.

Exploring history or geographical boundaries is always a fantasy for kids. The oceans, seas, continents, countries, cities, or towns can be immensely fascinating. It is important to educate the children about the world in which they live in. The best possible learning outlets are the schools using illustrative wall graphics. So why not spice up the method of educating your tiny tots? Here are a few exclusive wall designs and graphics that will visually enrich the children’s wit.

Get the preschoolers ready for edutainment!

‘Education + Entertainment’ is the best way to get the preschoolers to learn and gear up for school. Graphics and murals of cities, urban landscapes and buildings give the children a virtual tour of the real world.

The vibrant murals combine larger design elements to attract the schoolers. The bright attractive shades and content blend well onto the wall. It imparts some dynamism and makes learning more fun and appealing. Customize the design of the graphic according to your location and preferences.

Begin the education with the multi-coloured graphic stickers!

Gather the globe under one roof!

The universe and the globe are always a mystical idea beyond our imagination. A pictorial representation of the globe as a map pasted on the wall will excite and enlighten the kids. Let the children explore and learn the continents, countries and oceans. Wait it doesn’t stop right there with plain information about places! It also benefits the kids to effectively remember the names of places. The illustrations can also feature the animals, monuments and the culture of the respective countries.

Pick WallDesign illustrative maps to captivate the child’s imagination!

Let the walls honour your motherland – India

India is known for the diverse cultures, traditions, and her people. Let young students discover the heritage and rich legacy of their country with wall posters. Visuals such as the regional food, customs and culture of the people will make the children wiser.

Light up the learner’s brains with wall map posters

Familiarize the school kids with the states and cities

Illustrations depicting regions and the customs and values can become the center of attraction. They grab the learners’ attention giving them a better and deeper knowledge of our plant. These pictorial posters often use illustrations that reflect the custom and lifestyle. It gives rise to wider knowledge about the city culture.

Pin the school’s walls with posters of the cities and highlights the beauty of your country

To give children a warm atmosphere, paint the walls with colors that gel well with the wall posters. For instance, you can pick primary shades of red, blue, and yellow to galvanize young minds.

Schooling is an expedition where you impart not just information to children. Providing detailed insights is essential for school learners to widen up their cognition about the world! So, psych up to encounter the superlative quality of the illustrative maps and posters from WallDesign. You have now found a sensory way to warm-up the kids for learning!