Create visual tricks in hotels using trompe-l’œil designs

Trompe-l’œil 3d Graphics Wallpaper for Hotels & Restaurants

Trompe-l’œil graphics are a creative way to transform the look of a place, particularly for spaces like hotels and restaurants where ambiance’s appeal plays an important role. Decorating walls with trompe-l’œil murals involves playing with visual tricks. It is a kind of seductive and confusing game where the eye’s viewer gets mixed up between the real and the fake. Traditionally developed by painters through frescoes and antique mosaics, this art technique can be time-consuming and especially not accessible to all. Keeping this issue in mind, WallDesign provides you with a collection of trompe-l’œil vinyl stickers and faux finishes that bring the desired optical illusion to interiors without consuming one’s precious time.

Let The Entryway Of The Hotel Take The Breath Away

The reception area is the face of the hotel: it’s the first thing that one notices while entering. Make a great impression on your clients and guests by covering visual tricks wallpaper. Choose a theme and use trompe-l’œil graphics accordingly. If you want to give a royal look to the reception area, you can opt for designs that will give the feeling of being in a castle or a palace.

Traditionally an elaborate painting technique was used to simulate a hardwood quality grain on softwood or a marble effect on plaster. Nowadays if you want to create columns that have a grand touch and look like they are made of wood or stone, you can easily give this effect by refurbishing them with a wood or stone finish film. These films help create the illusion of a texture that would have otherwise been difficult to install. Add a high definition to a place with special WallDesign films of faux finishes

Designs inspired from Victorian times to add a royal look
Faux finishes add an 3d illusion of texture to the walls

Soothe Senses With Nature Peeping Into The Bedrooms

Nature’s beauty not only calms our senses but also fills us with positive energy. Since scenic beauty is hard to find in metropolitan cities, invite murals in bedrooms to give the feeling of beautiful nature glancing inside. Such trompe-l’œil visuals not only create an illusion of space but also please the guest’s eyes and heart. A window effect can be given by replicating the real stone or brick wall. Then within the created opening, a picture or an image of a painting representing a landscape is integrated to give depth and perspective to the wall.

Nature’s escape within footsteps

Invite The Sky Indoors

Give your guests the feel of dining or resting under the open sky. Incorporate a visual of a sky on the ceiling of the restaurant, in the lounge area, or even in bedrooms for an off-the-wall appeal, which is the unique wall covering ideas for the hotels and reataurants.

From up above the world so high, clouds come down to ground with WallDesign
Touch the stars and even the whole universe with WallDesign

Complement The Grand Look With Stunning As If Sculptures

Play with shadows, angles, colors, and opt for WallDesign trompe-l’œil graphics that give a 3d illusion of sculptures. Integrate these decals carefully and judiciously and add grandeur to the place. When you match the theme of the hotel with the illusion of the sculptures then it can give the best wallpaper look for hotels and restaurants. These ‘sculptures’ don’t break, don’t cost even half a price of an actual one, and require just wall space.

Sculpture appears to pop out of the wall because of shadow effect given in the design

Sculptures are an essential element of a grandiose ambiance. Using them in accordance with the theme can add life to a place. If your hotel is done in a way to resemble a castle, 3d wallpaper sculptures in shades of marble and ivory intend to lift the royal look. For places like gardens and other open areas, sculptures with rustic finishes complement the earthy vibe.

Go Creative With Doors

When it comes to doors you can go all experimental and creative. For the doors less used such as storerooms, a graphic that gives an illusion of space can be selected. For example, opt for a WallDesign door covering that gives the impression of the lobby being extended further or representing a staircase that leads to a mysterious place.

Doors that lead to infinity

The doors of bedrooms should be synchronized with the theme of the hotel. If the theme is a palace, trompe-l’œil stickers with heavy wooden carvings can be pasted onto the doors.

Doors with carvings effect

Let The Restaurant Stand Different

Take your creativity to another level when incorporating trompe-l’œil arts in restaurants. A trompe-l’œil graphic depicting a fancy bar could be cleverly crafted in the restaurant to attract more customers and up the quirk factor of the place.

Grab eyeballs with 3d bar designs on the wall

Let the wall décor highlight the specialty of the food served. If the restaurant specializes in coastal food a graphic outlining a seacoast will add to its authenticity and will be a pleasant sight for your customers.

Coordinate the décor of the restaurant with the food served

Hotels act like an escape route from mundane routine for many. Most people check in a hotel looking for a change. Break the guest’s monotony by playing with trompe-l’œil visuals from WallDesign. Incorporating such stickers will save you time, money, and mess that come with the conventional way of transforming the décor and yet create a site to behold. So, put on your thinking hats, go creative and opt for illusion graphics. Give a treat to the walls and regal to everyone’s eyes with WallDesign.