Flowers for All

Home gives an immediate happy feeling when flowers are around. Pretty flower patterns can easily be integrated in any room of your home like the kitchen and living room, but also in the bathroom or corridors, making the space look fresh and full of life. A flower bouquet as wall decal is a fun element to integrate into your interior decoration. It enhances your space easily and without breaking your wallet since it is very affordable. This flower decal can play as a ‘trompe-l’oeil’: just add a design flower pot in front of it and let the visual effect take place into the room.
Based on the theme of your room, match the flower pattern that will best complement it. There are various choices which can go well whether with a uniform décor or a more complex one. Use some type of lower plants if you want to create a sort of field of flowers, or add a creeper if you have a high wall and want to make like a separation from one side of the room.
Elaborate your interior decoration with these flowers wall decals and combine them with the furniture and objects in order to increase the charm and the aesthetic of your living space. Remember this point which is essential: while building up your décor with wall decals, all the elements will mix with each other to make a whole very creative. Keep yourself free from conventional model of interior décor and try to mix different styles, you will be amazed by the result you can get. This will immediately create a WoW factor from your guests.

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