35+ Ingenious Wall Ceiling Designs For Your Kids Room

Juggle With Ceiling Stickers In Your Kids Room

A child’s room is their own private space, where they can completely be themselves. Thematize your kids’ rooms with creative ceiling decals and theme ideas from WallDesign.

A child’s room is their own private space, where they can completely be themselves. That is why it is important for a kid’s room to reflect his/her personality. So let us have a look on how ceiling stickers can take the space to a new dimension.

Create A Smooth Pattern On The Ceiling

Themed kids’ rooms, whether big or small, would be incomplete if the walls are not a part of the theme. If you want to truly transport the night sky within the four walls of your little angels’ paradise, give them stars in the night that they’ll never grow bored of. Use this ceiling sticker with glow-in-the-dark constellations that cover the entire ceiling to bring awe and joy to your little ones.

Create a smooth pattern on the ceiling with gold and silver stars
Create a smooth pattern on the ceiling with gold polka dots

Without having to re-paint the entire ceiling, you may try to add a pattern using simple shaped stickers. Golden polka dots or stars will add a fairy-tale like charm to your kid’s room. Simple and classy, polka dots are the in-thing for a girl’s room, especially a teen. This can also be a recurrent theme across the house, giving fluidity to the spaces.

With Wall Design ceiling stickers, you are sure to feed young dreams. If you are designing the room of your little princess, remember to include these beautiful purple butterfly ceiling stickers bordering the fan or lighting. These Wall Design stickers will definitely complement the dreamy look. To create a flow and continuity within the room, prefer a colour tone similar to the painted wall.

Savour Illusions Wall Ceiling Designs

Surprise your intrepid kid with a cleverly designed sticker that is sure to make his/her room a favourite hangout among their friends. For example, this super-cool compass shaped decal will nurture their thirst for adventure

Nurture their thirst for adventure with these compasses decals

This sticker would adorn perfectly a wall map. Try a helicopter decal as well, which will surely inspire them to go places

Inspire them to travel the world with our helicopter decals

Let these jaw-dropping ceiling stickers be the conversation starters at your kid’s next birthday party. If the breaking sky is too dramatic for your taste, you can try a simple illusion graphic like a curious peeking cat. Ingenious, and amazingly versatile in its uses, this can be affixed on the ceiling for your mystery bookworm teenager, or it can be a brilliant Halloween prank for your kid.

Savour illusions with our wall decals

Enjoy The Grandeur Of The Circus Theme

Bring the charisma and magnificence of a circus tent into your little darlings’ room and transport them to their favourite place in the world 24 × 7. Decorate the ceiling with the rays of a canopy pattern. This thematic ceiling decor along with their favourite stuffed animals and toys will recreate one of the most awesome memories of childhood.

Enjoy the grandeur of the circus theme

Without a doubt, everyone’s favourite part in circus is magic. Adult or kid who doesn’t love a well-executed illusion?

If your little one has a zest for adventure and loves to explore, or whether they are the regal princesses of their rooms, ensure the ceiling reflects the desires and interests of your child. Let creativity flow in your kids’ room with these super ingenious ceiling stickers from WallDesign.