40+ Corporate Wall Ceiling Designs That Highlight Your Company’s Dreams, Goals, And Achievements

Let The Ceiling Do The Talking In The Office

Explore the most underrated notice board. Let the ceiling highlight your company’s dreams, goals, and achievements, or use it to communicate directions and messages. Sounds unfamiliar? To get you started, WallDesign defines a range of ceiling design ideas for your office space.

For a professional look at your workplace, it is essential to keep any designs simple, elegant and formal. It should reflect the organization’s motto, the passions and dreams of the owners, and their achievements.

Make The Ceiling Welcoming

Whatever business you are into, the walls and ceiling of the office premises should echo the style of the organization. Using a full covering or decal wall sticker on the ceiling can create the perfect welcoming ambiance. There is a variety of graphics available: from bright colors and bold graffiti designs to intricate illustrations and pastels tones. Prefer soft tints for a tranquil ambiance.

Make the ceiling welcoming with soft tints and geometric patterns

You may also welcome keywords on the ceiling to create a punch effect. This can be especially effective communication in places where people come to relax such as a cafeteria, a lounge area, or a game zone.

Create a punch effect with welcoming words on the ceiling

Apply a consistent theme across the office to convey regal, luxurious products and services. So go ahead use decals on the office walls, and don’t spare the ceiling.

If the organization has a certain color palette in its logo, this should reflect not only in the office stationery but even in the design of the office interiors. Impose the brand even on the ceiling with a synchronized decal, reflecting the logo, or simply the colors behind the success of the organization.

Look Up To The Ceiling And Inspire Dreams

Work can echo passion and a passion can reflect in every inch of the being then let the office walls also mirror the zeal and entrepreneurial spirit. For example, if the organization is in the field of adventure sports or eco-tourism, then these ceiling stickers are must add-ons.

Let the ceiling speak about your business.

For an explorer, or in the event of a business related to the mighty seas, then complement the ceiling with a compass-shaped decal.

This cycle decal is excellent for a gym or a cycle store. It can also be motivational in keeping up the fitness resolutions.

Quotes and word stickers keep employees motivated all throughout the year. Adopt keywords that echo the work ethics wordplays, or refer to popular cultural references to maintain the office environment dynamic and peppy.

Motivate employees with inspirational quotes on ceiling

Convey A Message To The Public

Sometimes the imagery is much better at conveying a message than oral reiterations. For instance, if you are a non-smoking organization, or if there is a specific smoking room in the office campus, affix this powerful ceiling-decal to encourage your employees to quit smoking and live healthy.

Affix this powerful ceiling-decal to encourage your employees to quit smoking

Humans Communicate Best Through Words

Word wall decals are ideal to communicate directions in offices, public spaces such as airports, stations, libraries, museums, large showrooms, or even exhibition and conference halls. Since ceilings are the hardest to vandalize or misdirect, remain assured that people will find their way safely. One of the most mundane spaces in any building is the staircases. Add a splash of color and life to these dull areas with witty and attractive signs. Also, It will add to the stature and dimension of the area

Word walls decals are ideal to communicate directions in offices or shops

Make the ceiling a convenient board for communication. Let your walls communicate to your stakeholders with exclusive and highly creative wall stickers for offices available at WallDesign.in