Recreate the seaside magic inside your home with WallDesign!

We all require ample rest after a long winding day. Imagine the sun-kissed sand, the frothing waves, and the colorful underwater sea life… this is quite a world in itself. Feel how it can be soothing for your worked-out nerves? Now take a few steps to create a beautiful and relaxing aquatic feel in your house. Let WallDesign unravel a cocktail of ideas for decorating your home, your house under the ocean, with amazing underwater thematic murals and wallpapers. It’s time you discover the hidden potential of your home.

Start the day with mesmerizing views of the ocean

The luscious waves dancing over the ocean floor can serve the imagination in unpredictable ways and break all bounds. Whether you keep the catalyst insight or seek peace, surrounding yourself with water paradise can be the ultimate delight. Flaunt serenity into the living room with travel photography, digital images or painting scenery that can be turned into sensational wall murals.

The iconic views of the seaside can serve as a window to this beautiful world when you decide to use them as wall murals.

Have a splendid photograph taken during one of your vacations? Now you can use them as wall murals after having them properly enlarged.

Get set and swim into the waves

The waves of the ocean remind us of the fierce power behind a façade of beauty in nature. The power-packed tides and the bluish tone of the waves make it a perfect choice for turning them into wall murals for a contemporary setting.

See how a banner like an effect is created while using wave pattern murals for walls

Beautiful wall mural delineating contemporary waves are sure to remind the beholders that everything in nature is as beautiful as it is terrifying…

Get set and swim into our contemporary and geometric waves
A single wave mural will be as magnificent as a real wave since it can reach up to the ceiling and cut around various elements on the wall or floor. Select the right paint tone for the background wall to ensure the wave stands out! For instance, see how the grey color impregnates the waves with greater depth and intensity!

An aquatic theme is incomplete without the colorful life it contains. You can create a scintillating look by introducing a peek into the life of marine creatures. Besides, this will also add some shine to your otherwise linear wall.

Dive deep into the magical ocean life

Photography of a single sea animal

Create an everlasting impression with a single real-size oceanic mammal printed as an adhesive wallpaper. Real-size images of underwater animals such as a cheerful dolphin or some exotic species of fish will inspire you to take the plunge into the mystical ocean and experience the beauty contained… It’s time you plunge deep under the placid & idyllic waves.

Capture the mythical brilliance of the ocean with large sea animal wallpapers
Capture the mythical brilliance of the ocean with large sea animal wallpapers

For an outstanding look, complement the underwater theme with aqua blue shades.

Photography of underwater sea life

Bathrooms are preferred areas for underwater-themed wall murals. Printed wallpapers of the magical ocean life are the epitome of breathtaking beauty. By fitting an oceanic panorama into your water arena, you get to admire the mystery of water life. As you unwind, it generates a soothing and therapeutic effect on the mind. For the glass partitions of the shower cubicle, choose images printed on translucent films. With the transparency, the light reflects into the colors and flows with soft vibrancy.

From the depiction of aquatic flora to aquatic fauna or sunlight peering deep into the ocean floor, the visuals can really help the mind come at peace.

Create a visual treat with multiple photo posters

You can decide on whether to hang the colorful underwater pictures as standalone photo wallpapers or create a fun photo collage using them… Alternatively, you can seal in some seaside moisture in your home by placing posters of the ocean water taken from different angles. This creates a unique kind of focus wall in an otherwise muted color ambiance…

Create a visual treat with multiple photo posters

The idea of decorating your home with underwater graphics is just as vast as the ocean. However, you only need to have the willingness to taste the change and the rest can be done by simple and cost-effective wall decors. Creating a miniature underwater world at home will rein in positive energy and positive vibes. Let WallDesign help you stay afloat in the sea of imagination!