Spa for Residential Clubhouse


Bring a relaxing ambiance in the clubhouse spa

A spa area in a private residence or building complex does not require extravagant advertising because it is exclusive to those in the vicinity. It is reserved to be used by the residents only. Since it is not in a commercial space, a simple announcement establishing the spa area in the residential complex will look the best. Embellish this special private spa with a wonderful and relaxing ambiance with WallDesign products.

Show the way to the private spa

Since the spa area in the residential complex is only for the leisurely use by the inhabitants, the nature of the establishment demands more directional wall stickers rather than ornamental. Show the directions using these creative or simple wall stickers depending upon the ambiance of your community centre.
Show the way to the private spa with directional wall stickers

Use vinyl letterings with phone numbers

Word decals can be used artistically to make announcements such as calling masseuse or other specialised services like for mehendi designs.

Create a homely feel with cosy WallDesign decals

Such spas are spaces to unwind. It is a place for residents to release not just the physical tension but also the emotional stress. Often this area becomes a sphere to interact with the neighbours and have friendly conversation. The interior design should reflect this comfort level. To emphasize the space for styling and designing, add a chic ethnic design decal of a hair-dryer or in the women area a girl’s ready to go-to friend’s party.

Boost happiness with unlimited wordplay

Define the private spa area with words and calligraphy to indulge the residents and make them feel their best. Induce them to a blissful state of relaxation with a magical combination of soothing word stickers, ethnic posters and dimmed lighting.

Chill out in the hot tub zone

Delimit this special area of the spa with word stickers that are easy to apply. Encourage clients to relax and be at ease. Create an urban escape for the residents,as they indulge in the saunas and hot tubs. Express the uniqueness of the private spa in a residential complex with WallDesign stickers.
Establish spaces and make the spa a zone of relaxation with utilitarian and beautiful WallDesign vinyl décor.