40+ Humorous Way To Spruce Up Your Furniture With Paint Stencils, Vinyl Wraps & Decals

Furniture can now be refurbished in the most fun-filled manner! WallDesign offers a delightful range of paint stencils, vinyl wraps, and decals. Create a completely new ambiance by transforming your old furniture piece.

Give some pop and modern flair to your furniture with paint stencils!

Weather-beaten furniture can look out of place when you renovate your interiors with a specific theme or ambiance. With WallDesign’s paint stencils, you can add a dash of freshnA plain yellow jar can be converted into ess to any piece of furniture. Here is how you can achieve some DIY miracles.

Turn your ordinary furniture into something unique using paint stencils. With floral designs, you can vivify the entire wooden look!

Increase your s(h)elf-reliance with a DIY fun decor from WallDesign

If you’re particular about not part with your favorite shelves, you can always revamp them by using vinyl stickers. Install fun decals around the shelves to pep up the ambiance. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to create a fun atmosphere.

WallDesign fun decals increase the effect of depth in the shelves and also lend them a vibrant look!

Back wrap the cabinet for an instant makeover

Reading often transports us into different worlds. Here’s a vinyl poster featuring the world map to be installed at the back panel of a bookshelf. As the shelf is painted light blue, it blends in nicely with the oceans on the map!

You can also back wrap a cabinet with a simple patterned vinyl poster.

Decorative tabletops are the new in-thing

The bare tabletop as such offers no delight to the eyes. At WallDesign you can choose from a variety of decals and wraps to cover your tables and desks with. Vinyl wraps can come in handy for covering the entire top surface of your table and lend it a creative touch. Opt for printing the image or picture of your choice to enliven the look of your table.

Pick up a colorful wave pattern for a zestful look! This will brighten your interiors and is ideal for a contemporary ambiance.

Such maze design can be a fun-filled game for little ones, but not just them. Place it in the living room, and while you are busy in the kitchen your guests can have something to do!

A white room that conveys a chic, refined and modern ambiance, can get a zest of colors with a printed floral wrap. Another way to sprinkle some creativity and colors onto tabletops is by pasting geometric decals. This allows you to give a pattern to any plain top.

An ordinary white desktop can be given a trendy look with colorful dots decal.

A lavish swirl or branch decal with a golden finish on a dark table gives an exquisite grandeur to the whole ambiance!

Relish orderliness with mini decals

Staying organized can help you save time and effort. This also boosts your productivity either at home or at the workplace. At WallDesign we’ve got fun ideas to help you clear away all the clutter.

No more confusion in the kitchen!! Name your containers with mini-stickers and vinyl letterings. You can dog-ear different jars for the various food items that you need. Such a simple idea can seem life-saving while you’re busy making a meal. You no longer have to worry about searching for the right ingredient!

A plain yellow jar can be converted into a dog food container by installing a black paw and required lettering on the side! Tables and shelves are now as customizable as the rest of your home. With the right decal or vinyl wrap, you can make these items imbue a personality of their own. Not just that- decals can also be used to boost your productivity. Bank on WallDesign to help you make the correct choice!