Top 50 Barber Shop Design Ideas Using Vinyl Stickers and Printed Decal

The Barbershop, A Zone Of Masculinity

If you thought a barbershop required no designing, think again! To comfort your men clientele with a masculine and relaxing ambiance, use WallDesign decals. Define your zone of masculinity and customize this exclusive men’s area with Wall Design stickers and posters.

Looks are important and the contemporary man grooms himself just as much as a woman. Give a new life to the traditional ambiance of the barbershop. With WallDesign, create a man-zone and make it a comfortable space for the exclusive men clientele.

Impress With A Strong Branding

Since the first and most noticeable about any salon is its front door, impose a classy and contemporary image to set the difference. WallDesign easy to use and versatile stickers are a must to have on the entrance door or front window. Create a unique identity. It is merely simple as you can customize the sticker with the name of the barber shop.

Impress with a strong branding from the entrance door

Pick Up The Wall Design Theme That Best Suits Your Male Clientele

If your customers are young and college going, keep it casual and edgy. Usually youngsters love to experiment with their styles and keep up with new trends. So should you, and your interior décor.

Keep the walls casual and edgy

If most of your clientele is the kind of office going executives, let the walls echo smart and professional. A graffiti or street art theme style could also do wonders for a refreshing change from their monotonous work.

Let the walls echo smart and professional
Do wonders with our graffiti and street art decals

If the majority of your clients are middle aged or senior, then give them an ambiance of familiarity and reconnect with their old days. A vintage effect would definitely be a good choice. Select a retro style graphic, with a twist white sticker on a black wall background, and remind them of the amazing years gone by…

Give them an ambiance of familiarity and reconnect with their old days thanks to our vintage posters

Get ready to revolve your interior décor with WallDesign’s collection of manly stickers exclusively crafted for the barber shop.

Draw Attention To Your ‘Timeless’ Hair Cutting Skills

Create inspirational ideas for the man next look through classic decals which simply never go out of style. WallDesign decals and posters are ideal to impress your clients and to showcase your impeccable shaving skills as well as your versatility in styling facial hair.

Draw attention to your ‘timeless’ hair cutting skills with our wall decals
Draw attention to your ‘timeless’ hair cutting skills with our posters

Color Schemes For The Perfect Barber Shop

For men, color schemes that are familiar and simple help establish comfort and ease in the atmosphere. Go for the tried and tested color combinations for a definite success.

Classic colours such as white and black are very versatile and can help define a punk, retro or vintage look. For a contemporary look, use eclectic shades of grey, or add a touch of red and brown to the black and white.

Color schemes for the perfect barber shop

Integrate Cheerful One Liners

A little humor keeps the mood light and the mind engaged. Thanks to witty and creative posters or wall decals, one can maintain a relaxed and fun atmosphere in the shop. Such visuals can spark conversation, as well as keep the clientele entertained and your spirits high.

Maintain a relaxed and fun atmosphere in the shop thanks to witty and creative posters
Integrate cheerful one liners

If you are brave enough to take a joke, then show your funny bone with this “keep calm” wall decal, WallDesign helps you give a strong and masculine character to the men’s parlor. Create stylish decor and provide a soothing ambiance to your male clients. Show a slice of your quirky taste in design: start using WallDesign decor to uplift the atmosphere of the barbershop.