27 wall design ideas to transform your kid’s room into a wild jungle hangout

Let your child feel safe and protected with WallDesign’s Kids room design, The jungle theme goes with everything, whether it is for a baby girl or boy. The large leaves along with animal characters make the child feels energetic and creative. The bright colors look vibrantly attractive. The child may feel himself in his room as strong as Mowgli. Moreover, the jungle WallDesign theme has a variety of DIY kids’ stickers, being repositionable these decal elements can be added to or removed from the permanent jungle wall decor.

Make your child feel safe with colorful jungle animal decals

WallDesign jungle friendly stickers are fun. These decals make your kid’s room alive. The animals printed with different colors and shades go well on a light painted wall. Cheerful and appealing kid’s room décor, your little one doesn’t have to fear sleeping alone now: the baby elephant or the strong lion is here to protect him/her.

Make your child feel safe with colorful jungle animal decals

Wild Jungle Hangout is a large kit décor that can cover the entire wall of the bedroom. Specially manufactured on a repositionable media, this WallDesign fabric decal can be moved over and placed on another wall at any time.

Make your little girl feel safe with colorful jungle animal decals
Make your child feel safe with colorful jungle animal decals with our unisex jungle decals

Let your little get absorbed and play with his new companions. WallDesign fabric decals can be stored then reused to add fun and break the monotony of the wall.

Stimulate your child’s learning With WallDesign’s Kids Room Design

Jungle theme based WallDesign stickers is not only colorful but also entertaining. They help in fast learning and understanding. The flow of branches of the tree creates a sense of excitement in the room. Animal decals for kid’s room walls create an enthralling environment. A bunch of cute singing birds or the howling herd of animals definitely livens up the child’s interest. Learning can be fun when explored well with different elements. The animal alphabet kit can be placed right above your kid’s study table to help easy knowledge.

Stimulate your child’s learning with our Animal Alphabets Wall Sticker
Reinforce the idea of learning with our other multicolored Alphabet decals

Create a delightful jungle border

Shadows of small jungle animals in a single color create a lively aura in a child or teen’s bedroom. The easy complement of any room style, this dynamic border makes you enter a new dreamland.

Create a delightful jungle border just above your desk toddler

Customize the jungle décor with your child’s name

With WallDesign delighting decals make your child get a feeling of belonging to his own room with his name beautifully crafted on the wall. This gives a personal feel to the kid and helps him connect better. Make your little one feel proud of having his own room with his personal name and see how he boasts it to his friends. Getting customized name decals for your kid’s room creates a load of happiness and is now so easy with WallDesign.

Customize the jungle décor with your child’s name

Welcome the Wild Kingdom into your child’s bedroom. WallDesign offers a vivid collection of kid’s wall stickers with jungle theme decals that are easy to apply. Discover a range of printed kits that can even be reused, repositioned either entirely, or just a few elements, as well as a store for later use. Interestingly, WallDesign Fabric kits can be combined with a fix-once vinyl décor. Let this unisex theme décor be a reason for your child’s happiness and encourage him for indoor games rather than staying outside the house all day, be it a girl or a boy.