35+ Tree Wall Sticker For Living Room – Use Nature Inspired Designs to Uplift your Home

Turn A New Leaf In The Chapter Of Your Interiors!

As the saying goes ‘Change is the spice of life’. So if changes are refreshing, then tree theme wall stickers would bring a welcome ambience into your living space. Like a cool breeze soothes you, so do positive changes.

Refine Your Interiors With Exquisite Trees

It’s time to break the monotony of the plain painted walls! WallDesign offers a range of designer tree decals that complements your wall paint colour. Our stickers are hand-crafted with fine design details to enrich the ambience of your room.

Refine your interiors with exquisite nature-inspired tree wall stickers.

Nature brings an ambience of serenity. If you are looking for a ‘nature-inspired space’ within your living room, it would be a good choice to pick up a tree theme wall sticker kit.

Capture the dynamism of nature

In these WallDesign stickers, the wind effect and dynamism of nature is represented using slanting branches, scattered leaves and birds in motion. WallDesign Tree Stickers are designed to capture details that give a feel-good factor in your room.

Capture nature’s essence with Tree Wall Stickers

Nature is a good motivator, it takes only a little breeze to uplift your mood and make you feel alive. To feel the same way in your bedroom and living room, take a little effort to freshen up your walls with nature-inspired tree stickers!

Complement The Tree With A Spiritual Design Addition

Turning to nature is often suggested as the best way to unwind from the struggles of our daily lives. Meditation helps to raise ‘a sound body in a sound mind’. Despite materialistic pleasures, we are in dire need of peace and harmony.
Complement the tree with a yogi sitting in ‘Padmasana’ or the ‘lotus pose’ in Yoga.

This WallDesign sticker features a silhouette of a yogi sitting in ‘Padmasana’ or the ‘Yoga lotus pose’ alongside a tree. This essential posture in yoga completely relaxes your body and mind.

Turn the wall into a spiritual & uplifting view

Remember nurturing a tree requires steely patience that we often associate with a sage. We don’t need to be a poet or philosopher to meditate, we need a tranquil ambience not just to live, but ‘feel alive’ inside our home.

Highlight your Feature wall with metallic coloured leaves

WallDesign’s stickers can be made in special colours like silver, gold and copper. These colours radiate and give the walls a regal look. The metallic colours give the right sheen and makes for the perfect feature wall.

Get the shining color right with metallic coloured stickers from WallDesign

Purple and silver are often associated with royalty. This decal captures the best of both! The silver leaves highlight the dark purple background, creating an eye-catching contrast.

Ever Wondered How Trees Grow So Tall?

Duplex homes have large walls waiting for some special attention to ‘heighten’ the ambience of the room. WallDesign proposes a collection of tall tree decals. Use soft shades of colours on the walls against dark colour stickers if you want the trees to ‘stand out’. Our design collection of elegant tree stickers will make you admire your villa interiors.

Heighten the ambience of your room with our collection of tall tree wall stickers

This decal with its tall trees and outstretching vines is a great way to embellish a large wall. The vines even extend to the adjacent wall covering the small part that would otherwise be left blank. It creates a mesmerizing backdrop.

Heighten the ambience of your room with our collection of tall tree decals

WallDesign gives you a reason to ‘look up to’ trees! ‘Men may come and men may go’, but trees have an omnipotent presence. Trees need to be brought into our mechanized lives. WallDesign is committed to beautifying your living space. Always remember to turn to nature for harmony and count on WallDesign to transform your interiors!