45+ Wall & Glass Décor Ideas For The Contemporary Unisex Salon

Unisex salons have become a common feature in urban markets and malls. Here are a few ideas to attract focus and create a unique brand using Wall Design decals and adhesive surface decor.

Unisex salons are a common feature in urban markets and malls. They reflect an increasingly inclusive public space for the personal grooming of men and women. The way a brand is represented is the first interaction of the business with potential customers. So the branding should orient towards both genders. Here are a few curated ideas using WallDesign stickers for setting up a gender-neutral space. WallDesign decals for the unisex salon are catchy and appealing without segmenting clientele.

WallDesign decals for the unisex salon are catchy and appealing without segmenting clientele

Create An Escape To Nature With WallDesign Tree Decal

Spas and salons typically tend to echo an organic and natural ambiance to enrich the rejuvenation. Merely using herbal products, however, cannot create an aura of tranquillity- the space should also be designed as an escape to nature.

Create the perfect nature’s den with a variety of décor products. Use bamboo shoots or palm tree decals on the doors to introduce the theme and recreate the wild.

Adding pictures of tropical getaways on the walls would spawn a soothing effect thanks to the green leaves and the blue waters. The fluffy cotton buds exude dreamy and light air to the room, it is perfect for the massage area.

Appease senses with WallDesign stickers. A tree tucked into the corner with its spreading green branches creates the illusion of a larger space within a small cubicle.

Create an escape to nature with WallDesign tree decal

Make Private Spaces Comfortable With A Soothing Wall Decor

Massage and waxing areas can be uncomfortable for clients. Bring some soothing graphics to assure them of privacy and to make them feel good a million bucks as they exit that enclosed space.

Make private spaces comfortable with a soothing wall decor

Enhance the area with lifestyle photography images in the form of posters and wall or door coverings. WallDesign provides you with the best graphics to build dreamy and relaxing imagery.

Ensure The Salon Looks Fashionable

It is essential to generate a trendy ambiance that matches both genders. Replace traditional wall clocks with a styling one that highlights the various accessories. Or place these decal elements around a huge analog wall clock.

In the hairstyling area, since it is one of the most creative services offered, ensure to make this space equally stimulating with epigrams and artistic decals

Ensure the salon looks fashionable

Keep The Humor High With One-liners Letterings

Add some humor to the ambiance with amusing one-liners letterings can be really beckoning. You can also define the space of the salon by judiciously applying catchy one-liners on bare walls, mirrors, or even ceilings.

Such WallDesign decals set the mood for a great haircut and do not target just a single-gender.
Keep the humor high

Anticipate True Bliss In The Massage Area

Let the wall decals in the massage rooms offer the same therapeutic relaxation that the massage itself.

A WallDesign sticker reflecting a massage at the front door or on the door of the massage room can give your clients anticipation of true bliss behind that door.

Alternatively, this pair of sleepy eyes is another creative way to build a relaxing atmosphere.

Anticipate true bliss in the massage area

For an upscale unisex salon, creating a gender-neutral contemporary space is essential to accommodate both male and female clients. WallDesign stickers help you achieve the perfect balance.