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Creating a wall with your personal best photos, favourite movie posters, motivating life quotes, popular music album covers and photos of beloved friends & family is so easy now with WallDesign. Create a mural with wall stickers laid out like posters & create a personalized Photo Wallpaper. Hand-select the images and upload them, we will send you back a preview & then print. Installation is fun and easy & you don’t need to think too much about the individual placement of the posters as they are already pre-arranged. Neat job 🙂

  • Create a personal space or a space for your family in the living room or kids room.
  • Create a bedroom wall with intimate photos and creative graphics.
  • Create the perfect coffee shop with tasteful and aromatic images all coffee-related.
  • Works great in any room at home, office, school, cafe, spa & empty wall corridors.

Make your place the preferred hangout in the neighbourhood with Album Collage Wall Design.


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