Animal Pearls of Wisdom Wall Sticker

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Inspire your child with these art posters on their wall. We learn a lot from animals and this series captures the various traits that keep them strong and going. Afterall, its a jungle out there and what better way to keep your kids spirits high than these wall posters in their room. Options: Choose any 3 posters or all 6 posters. Each poster is 1ft by 1ft in size and has one of the following animals: Leopard (“Always be Yourself!”), Peacock (“Dare to be different!”), Giraffe (“Reach for the stars!”), Monkey (“Hang in there!”), Lion (“Follow your dreams!”) & Elephant (“You are loved!”). The wall poster series is perfect for your kids room and looks great in bedrooms, playrooms, classrooms, day care centers, preschools, classrooms and more. With this 6 posters set, you can create a great ambiance by putting them on one wall or two or even on the doors and wardrobes too. You?ll love the poster material which is a fabric wall sticker material that is repositionable and removable. It adheres well to walls for years, is easy-to-apply and easy-to-clean. It is virtually impossible to mess up and leaves no sticky residue when you remove it from your walls. Remarkable stuff! This is better than paper posters which we always find difficult to stick on the wall without spoiling it or canvas which maybe difficult to put up.

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On time
Stickers size looks good as mentioned in the description.. But the color of all posters are little bit dull as compared to image. Bought when price was 51% off.. Overall nice product for discounted price. – Product Review on Flipkart