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How to decide on the paint color?

It is always a sensitive moment when it comes to choosing the paint color. There are of course our tastes that matter, but also a few constraints that need to be taken into account according to the room exposure in which the paint is going to be applied.  Read More

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Reinvent your interior without stress and mess

Created from talented artists like graphic designers, photographers, cartoonists, a wall decal can be of different styles: nature look, classic chic, romantic, geometric, photographic, poetic, wild, funny, trompe-l’oeil etc  Read More

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Some advantages of using wall stickers

Some advantages of using wall stickers Wall Stickers have been very popular in Europe and USA for at least the past 5 years. There are just becoming in-vogue in the Indian market. Genuine complements to the paint, wall decals invite you to convert your home […]  Read More

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Customize your wardrobes and cupboards with stickers

Customize your wardrobes and cupboards with stickers Summer has gone and with it the hot days… your wardrobe has also taken a new style since your warm jackets and umbrellas are out. Your mood may turn a bit on the low side which would make […]  Read More

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Adding some humor to your home

Adding some humor to your home Everybody likes to have a beautiful interior, nicely put up with some good furniture and a few objects bought while traveling. But you would like to make your home a little bit more special, adding something that could make […]  Read More

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