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If you want to gift a person passionate about something but far too expensive or unable to realize, the next best thing is a photo of that. Make sure the photo sticker is giant size to make a real impression that can never be missed out. These make great gifts for husbands and birthday gifts for boys/ girls/ teens. In return, receive gratitude for a long time – the wall sticker gift’s visual impact makes sure of this. The graphic effects on the image gives a radiating & dynamic look to the subject making it the perfect Passion Statement on the wall. Photo Ideas include:
  • If your kid’s interest is in hip-hop dancing, get him or her a modern hip-hop fashion sticker
  • If the passion is dirt biking/fighter jets, gift him a photo mural of it flying on the wall
  • If it is Rajnikanth or Messi, gift him the model sticker to show that you care
  • Make sure to add a signature to the photo wall sticker with your special message
Go ahead upload the image of your choice and receive a preview of the sticker. Once approved, we will print a Personalized Wall impression. Wear your passion on the wall.


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